A New Look Kitchen- Ideas for Improvement

A New Look Kitchen- Purpose Of Kitchens

a modern kitchen

When we think of a new look kitchen it can be difficult to know where to start. I want to talk about it here. The kitchen is composed of certain components which all fit together, including cupboards, lighting, appliances, worktops and sinks. We also have furniture such as tables and chairs.

Some kitchens we just cook in. Some people eat in them or wash clothes. The kitchen has many purposes. They also come in different sizes. The main function of the kitchen is to prepare and cook foods. We also store foods in fridge freezers and cupboards.

Researching Your Kitchen Ideas

You may have thought of getting a completely new look kitchen including new cupboards, sink and flooring. You may want to incorporate a new oven and hob and even a dishwasher.

Anyone will know that you cannot just go and look at kitchen designs and order one. They need to be planned first.

The best thing I have observed to do is to go round many DIY stores or merchants. Look for ones who sell kitchens. Have a look at the designs you like and prices first. Make a note of your favorite kitchens and find out some information about them. You can then arrange to have your chosen kitchen planned with an expert from the store. If you get everything planned and measured then you will know exactly how your new kitchen will look in your home. You can then decide to get it built.

Kitchen Layout

I have seen some kitchens with the cooker next to the sink. I would not be able to have my kitchen like that as the cooker goes opposite the sink. You cannot have a cupboard above the cooker either. Another problem is when the fridge freezer space is under a cupboard, this means that you can only have a fridge freezer a certain height. Our sink is under the window which means that we have to have very short curtains but we now have a blind. It is important to have it all expertly planned to your taste and practical requirements as needed.


We all have dreams of planning a new look kitchen and personalizing it to our own taste. Things to think about are the type of cooker that you will use. Will it be a separate oven and hob? Freestanding or built in? It may be ideal to have the oven at eye level as this makes it easier to take something out of the oven. Try a built in one and double ovens for a lot of baking. This may suit your needs better.

Chimney Hood

Think of a chimney hood or a fan extractor. Can you extract outside through the wall or the roof? We personally have a flat roof on our kitchen and it is not possible to have a chimney hood. We do however have a fan one.

Kitchen Storage

We have no space for a dishwasher. Consider your space then have your kitchen planned to suit your room.  Visualize the kitchen and where everything will go including pans, pots and utensils. We find it helpful to place pots on a pot rack on the wall and to use hooks for pans and utensils. Look for storage ideas such as towel holders and cup hooks too. Accessorize with matching items like tea towels and use color to coordinate your look.

Other ideas

If you are not going to have a new look kitchen then you can still change quite a lot. You can get a company to reface your kitchen cupboards which will give you a new-look and a new color. I think light-colored kitchens look best in a small room.

You can move cupboards and put up shelves or buy a Welsh Dresser. There are loads of possibilities, you can even change the cupboard knobs or pulls.


Experiment by changing mugs, pots, tea towels, pans and place mats. Get handy boxes and baskets to store items. A vegetable rack is a good idea. You can coordinate kettles, toasters and microwaves by their color. Buy good quality cutlery too as you can use it for a long time.

Love kitchen gadgets such as juicers, a coffee machine and a blender. Think about how much time you want to spend in your kitchen though as you might not want to take time up using the gadgets. If you have family round focus on your eating area and dining table. Buy tablecloths and mats, glasses and other tableware. Do a bit at a time and make it beautiful to live with and to dine in.


We know that we can plan a whole new look kitchen or just replace items in the existing one. I do not think you should get wound up with fashion trends. Your kitchen needs to be practical and to your taste. I suppose it depends on the rest of the house and where your home is. Choose a design if buying a new kitchen. A kitchen planner will help you with this. Decide if you want a Rustic kitchen, Scandi or whatever the modern ones available are.

The kitchen cupboards can be painted, we can decorate, change the color scheme, put up shelves, change pots and utensils. It’s all in a great new way. There are so many new ways to alter them whether we do a little or everything at once. Even a new floor and a few plants will give a new-look. It is your place to eat and socialize, make sure you have adequate seating and if you have a new breakfast bar then you can add a stool or two.

Do not forget lights either as just replacing these add a new feel to a room. I hope you will be inspired to get some new and interesting ideas for your kitchen.

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Bedroom style ideas-looking at ways to update


When we think about decorating and styling our bedrooms we think in terms of making it comfortable and having our favorite things around us. We need room for our beds and storage space too. This is where we are going to sleep and also where we will spend a lot of our free time. Some people like to watch TV in their bedroom or browse on a computer. Our age and our hobbies will affect how we have our bedrooms. I know someone who likes to have stuffed animals in his room. When finding bedroom style ideas it all depends on our tastes.

When I have been on holiday to a hotel the most important thing to me is the comfort of the room, particularly the bed. Also, if I have searched hotels and the duvet is red, for example and I don’t like that then I won’t stay there. It seems picky I know but you really do have to like your room.

Firstly, of course you may want to paint the walls in your room. Try to think about how the furnishings and furniture you choose will fit in with the decor and the carpet. Go for neutral colors if you are not sure about your final look. Cross off your list the colors that you really do not like. I inherited a dark pink plain carpet so I had to choose my room around that. I think that if the carpet is plain then there is more scope for patterned curtains and mixed colors. Find ornaments or accessories to match without them fighting with a carpet pattern.

Another thing to think about is how permanent your furniture will be in the bedroom. We acquired a set of pine furniture, a wardrobe, mirror and some chests of drawers from a neighbor. They are quite fine quality so I do not want to part with them. This means that we cannot really have a change to the room. Our bed is a divan so we can change the mattress and it has drawers to store bedding. If you want to change your look altogether including the furniture then it is advisable to think about what to do with it before ordering new stuff. I have found out that the charity shop needs three weeks notice to collect items of furniture.

Now you have chosen the colors for the walls and floors you can start by dressing your window. Decide if you want any blinds such as strip blinds. Get accurate measurements for them and if you are not confident about fitting them yourself then do not be afraid to get an expert to do this for you. This also applies if you have lights to fit or pictures, anything that may require expert fitting. I personally like voiles to dress a window rather than blinds. These are easy to fit on a rod and you can change them easily to various styles that will still match a room. I like them long too which they usually come in long lengths. The curtains in your room need to be lined if you want to block any light out. Some eyelet curtains look nice and some don’t so look out for that and also the pole that they will hang from. Check out a few before choosing as the range can be extensive and the prices vary. The pole will make quite a difference to the look of the curtains.

Consider the layout of the room and where you will have items of furniture. Do you like to sleep near to the window? Think of the position of the bed, also the height of the bed and its size. I could not sleep on a low level bed and I think if you are tall, like I am then you need quite a high bed, about knee height. The mattress of course is personal taste but you do need to make sure that you like it and its comfortable. I do not actually like my bed as it is a divan and I cannot get under it to clean it.

Pictures come in all sorts of types and sizes but decide if you want to go for funny pictures, artistic pictures or photos etc because sometimes mixing different styles will not give your room a classy look if you want that. A casual look will have more scope for placing various items together but a classy look may be more formal such as white sheets and high gloss furniture and mirrors. Look at pictures of different hotels however elegant they all can boast white sheets and towels and all their rooms look the same. It is best to go for an individual look that suits your personality and style.

The next thing is your storage space. Remember that you are styling your room so you do not want open wardrobes or clothes rails. You want a really good wardrobe that will house all your clothes but not be intrusive to your decor. My big pine one will go with most decor but it does look more casual than classy. You may want to have fitted wardrobes with pull out drawers for your shoes or even a freestanding wardrobe fitment. A white triple fitment was left in our house when we bought it. These are fine but bear in mind that someone has to take it apart and reassemble it when you decorate. My husband did this. If your wardrobe and drawers are separate such as two small chests of drawers and a wardrobe then these are easier to move out of the way. They are also easier to get up and down stairs and to place around your bedroom. I always find that accessories and different bedding can change a room more easily than replacing furniture.  Flooring is important.  A rug can make a significant difference too.


I have talked about decorating and dressing the bedroom and also about furniture. Your room has to be comfortable and to your taste, suiting your personality. This is one of your main rooms where you may study, watch TV and sleep. Like your lounge you have to get the right look to be happy with it. You need to decide on colors, the type of curtains, bed and furniture. You have to get the measurements right. Formal or casual looks can be acquired and accessories can make a big difference. Hiding away clothes and shoes and also choosing the right style of pictures can help. Looking at formal hotel pictures can give classy style ideas. Styling the bedroom with new curtains and choosing the right curtain pole can give a smarter look. There are many things that you can add to a bedroom and it should be fun to experiment with all of them.

Redesigning Your Home

Redesigning Your Home

One Dream Home

Hi everyone, you may be thinking about redesigning your home. It is helpful to get some insights on home redesign ideas. You may worry about how you are going to achieve this.

Changing things can be daunting but it need not be. I am going to give you some of my ideas and opinions to help with extending your home ideas.

New Home Design Plans

Careful planning will turn your ideals into reality. We may really desire a dream home but it may just seem out of reach. We may look in magazines or estate agent windows and see our dream home looking back at us. In reality it is not just the property that will be the deciding factor in buying a home.

What do you think about as your dream home? Think about the home as a whole. Decide where you would ideally like to live, whether by the coast, in the countryside or an urban location.

Where Do You Want To Live?

Where would you rather be? Are you a city slicker or a country bumpkin? Do you like to live quietly or do you like to entertain people at home?  Your personality and the lifestyle of your family will determine your ideas of your dream home. Your job too will help you to decide. Are you prepared to do a commute from the countryside to the city for work?

Time At Home

Room with furniture in an open plan setting.
A Modern Sitting Room Open Plan

Look at how you spend your time and how much time you spend at your home. Do you sit and watch TV or do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking for example? What is your favorite room in your home? This room may be where you wish to start.

Someone who spends a lot of time in the lounge watching TV may be looking for a large reclining sofa. It is nice to put your feet up at the end of the day. You will want some comfortable cushions, throws and a nice rug. Generally quite a relaxed sitting area is what you aim to achieve.

It may be ideal to decide what type of surroundings you can feel comfortable in.

Formal Look

You might want to redesign your home by going for a more formal look.

If you like city living then you may opt for a more formal look and you may be into high tech gadgets. You may not mind seeing them around. You may need some wall cabinets to store books, DVD and files. A desk may feature in your room to hold your computer. It may not bother you to look at it in your sitting room.


My dad used to live in a flat where the lounge and kitchen were next to each other. The washing machine used to drive us mad when we were watching TV. Think about creating a relaxing space if you can for studying, gaming and TV.

Atmosphere In Your Home

Thermal curtains and blackout ones can help create a quieter and warmer space where you can add your own lighting effects.

Some people like very colorful and chintzy surroundings but try not to overdo it. Try instead to create an atmosphere with lights or candles.

Ornaments And Sentimental Items

Butterfly picture with cacti beside it.
Modern Butterfly Picture

Decide what ornaments you prefer and where in the room they will be placed. If you have a small room then different types of things will stand out and not match up. I have found this as I have a collection of elephant ornaments and I also like to collect china and glassware. Some of these things have not featured well together and it is more obvious in a small room.

Try to start by adding some of your new ideas and mix and match items.

Try to Solve Problems

Another problem I found was that when we got a large 3-seater leather sofa it would not go out through the door when we had done with it!  I would say definitely measure your space and think of this too when purchasing a dining set. Have you got room to get through the door? Can everyone be seated who you want to dine with you? Remember that baby will get bigger.

Do not be afraid to replace items as needed or to keep items you do need. You cannot follow the fashions to a tee. New items will sometimes match up with old ones.

My sister-in-law will dispose of a whole room’s items to get a new-look, even the floor goes and a new floor comes. That is fine if that is what you want and of course you can afford it. At the end of the day it is your living space and you have to feel comfortable in your home.

It is worth treating yourself to some items that you love and that you will appreciate having around you.

Notice Things, Gain Insight

Shop Window showing lamp and other household items.
Shop Window

Going back to insights I always say to people “Do you notice things around you when you are out and about?” I mean the blossom on a tree or a bird on a fence, a dog, a cat etc. Look at a current window display or the latest trend in dress patterns. To notice things means that you can gain an appreciation. You can gain these insights for yourself. Your imagination may be inspired.

Color For Your Home

You can get ideas from colors, plants and animals, also what is trending. You can get ideas from looking at houses for sale too, even if you do not want to buy.

Other Rooms

I like to look at how other people have their rooms in the pictures. I recently had a brochure through the door of new build houses for sale, quite expensive too. In one picture there was a sofa and six pictures on the wall behind it. I thought that was fine but those pictures would have to be securely fixed to stop them dropping on your head!

If you have a small sitting room then you do not want a really large TV dominating the room. Sitting too close to this TV does not do your eyes much good. Maybe you could hang it on a wall, if you have the space.

Obviously with a large room you can plan it well. One side of the room could be different to the other such as a dining area at one end and the TV at the other end. You can have a fireplace as your focal point.

Conclusion Home Redesign Ideas

I hope I have made you think a bit about planning and come up with some ideas to redesign your home.

http://goyourhomeimprovementsi.com/about-julie ‎ See also here.


Avoid pitfalls and make sure things are fitted properly and are safe too, especially around pets and children.

We had a dog many years ago and my mum had a large coffee table which unfortunately had some sharp corners  just level with our dogs eyes! We had to be very careful with our dog and this coffee table was a big mistake.

When I was a small girl I fell off a stool so I do not recommend having those high breakfast bar stools if you have young children. You have to be careful with blinds too with the cords.

 Redesigning Your Home

Style is a very important factor when it comes to finding a new look to your home. Magazines and home stores will help you to discover fashionable styles. Retro is very “in” these days. It will become more apparent to you as you seek out homeware and accessories.

It is totally up to you to find the style you want for your home.

Think About Style

Think of style but also of practicality too. Redesign your home with style in mind. Not necessarily just fashion but comfort too.

I have focused on sitting rooms, or lounges as some like to call them but next time I hope to focus on other rooms. You can do your own home brainstorm on ideas based on your new insights. Hopefully you will get an idea of the styles that suit you. Remember they are always changing and so are you. Something to be happy about. Thanks for reading this.

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Home Improvement Projects Increase Value

Home Improvement Projects Increase Value

Home improvement projects increase value in the home. A home really can increase in value if it is modernised and renovated. Estate agents advertise the condition of their properties that are up for sale. A surveyor will assess a property and give you an idea of what needs improving. You can obviously take a good look at it yourself too and then decide which is the most important thing to start on.

Home Improvements to your Home

A derelict room

Here I am going to talk about how home improvement projects increase value and how to  make changes to your home. Sometimes inspiration and hard work is all that is needed.

Homes can have potential even if in a right mess. Having a project is therefore important to change things.

A house you have just purchased may need doing up. Take time with this and plan your projects in advance. Write down your home redesign ideas.

If you are changing a room where you already live then stuff has to be moved out of it. An empty room may be easier to start with.

A sitting room with sofas and a coffee table A lounge style.

Think carefully about the new look and gather some ideas together on how to style each room. Measure windows and floors. Always make notes as it helps you later.

Take time to focus on what each room needs then you can decide on the best home improvement project for it.

Keep To A Plan

Make a plan and stick to it.

Find the materials you need and stick to a budget on this. It is easy to go and buy things for your home which are not a priority. Try to keep to your plan. It is easier to start on one project at a time, or room at a time.

Make sure you have all the tools and materials required for each job so that you have what you need at hand. Write things down if needed. This can be a list of what is needed such as plans and ideas for each job.

Writing down the plan, budget and materials can help and also what time you have available to do each job. It can be stressful believe me if there isn’t a plan and also jobs get left.

We found ourselves planning what needed to be done in our house and then marking them off once finished.

Before And After Photos

Doing an assessment of your home can be useful. It helps to look back on what you have achieved too.

Discuss who will do the work and when they will be available. Team work is a great help in this. Before and after photos are useful too to encourage you in your projects. I often wish we had done this.

Making your house a home

It may be useful to choose one room at a time. This may be the dining room or lounge. You may choose to do every room up.A dining set with table and chairs You may have some ideas as to how you want to change your room.

Color Schemes In Your Home

When planning the room think about your color scheme and remember that you have to be able to live with it. Choose the accessories you love. You will have to discuss this with your family first as you all have to like them.

Do not decide on loud, bright colors if you will not be able to relax with them. Think about being comfortable and practical at the same time.

Work Within Budget

Remember to work within your budget. Plan beforehand what you will do as a family to your home.

Home improvement projects can be expensive when planning a new look for your home. Do not forget to get some quotes on the work that needs to be done by professionals. Get recommendations from DIY companies to make sure the trades people are reputable.

It is wise to plan your priorities for the home improvement. You cannot spend money on decoration at the expense of your home essentials. You may need to buy a new cooker or a washing machine.

Finding storage space can be to your advantage too so invest in shelving and storage boxes.

Decorating And Maintenance

There are different categories to focus on with home improvement projects. The decorating and maintenance of the home, furniture and soft furnishings. Think about the most important starting point for each room.

Consider your priorities for each room whether it is redecorating, a new carpet or an item of furniture. I would put new curtains and lights up first if it was a home I had just purchased. Privacy and light would be my first priority. Then I would make sure that the heating worked and there was hot water. This is when a professional would have to be sought and the priorities taken care of very quickly. Sometimes the walls can wait a month or two.

I think it is advisable to plan according to your lifestyle. Think about the size of the room that you want to do up as that is important. Make sure that you measure floors and windows carefully for new carpets and curtains.

Home Improvement- Decorating

I think it is better to undertake one home improvement project at a time and focus on it until it is done. A good start is the decorating if the renovation has already been done. It can be confusing to try to do more than one project at once. This too takes planning as you need to choose the right paint and wallpaper. Look for sales and buy all you need together. You do not want problems finding the right shade of paint or batch of wallpaper at a later date.

You could hire someone to decorate and fit carpets or blinds. You may want to do some or all of the work yourself though. However it may be difficult to decide if you are able to afford this.

 Make Time For The Work

Get quotes and also schedule times for the work needed to be done. If you are at work a lot then your home may need to be done up in the holidays. It may take more time than you think. Even a trip to a DIY store to choose materials can be time consuming.

I would advise going to these home stores a couple of times first.  Gain ideas on the colors for the room and bring home any brochures they may have. Paint color testers are a good idea too so bring them home.


You will need to think of where to store your everyday items. I am aware that I’ve got too much bedding, even though I own under bed storage.

Be careful not to buy too many Christmas decorations, cushions and throws.  You may have nowhere to put them after the Christmas season.

Our homes can soon get cluttered with too many ornaments.

Buy folders and storage boxes to hide away papers and other items you do not want lying around. Those items may spoil the look of your room. Maybe those books or DVD’s need to go if you cannot store them anywhere. It is all about use of space and deciding on what items are important to keep.


If you have a large family and friends you may need a corner sofa to seat them all. It may be easier to use armchairs that you can move around the room. Single chairs are also useful in your home. Two chairs can be placed at right angles and can easily be moved around your rooms.

Mixing and Matching ItemsHome accessories including cushions, glasses, cups, throw and vase

You can change things as time goes on according to your fashion tastes.

Make sure that what items you choose will not clash with each other.

Try to work on a theme as there are many ranges of furniture out now that cater for formal or more relaxed tastes. Some ranges I have noticed are Shabby Chic or American pieces.

I also think that if you want a pattern on your wallpaper then go for a plain carpet, if you want a patterned carpet then go for plain walls.

Show Things Off

A picture may need a plain wall to show it off. Think of showing things off and plan where things will go. Those ornaments may be better off on wall shelves or in a glass fronted- cabinet. Small items like these can be sentimental value and reveal your personality. Do not be afraid to display them.

Does the wall unit go with the dining table? There are no hard and fast rules of course. You can easily find furniture ranges that go together. Some furniture sets can be made in oak or pine. Some different ones may match up even if not in the range. View a few ranges on offer before buying.

Color And Accessories

Always think of colors and accessories that go together. Cushions and rugs will complement your look. These do not have to be the same color as long as they match up. At the end of the day it is your individual taste that counts. I always think of my colour scheme in a room and then buy flowers or cushions that will match. Discuss things with the family. Try to plan home improvement projects together.

One thing is that someone will like a certain wallpaper or carpet and someone else may not. Try to agree what you will do beforehand. I guess experimenting is the key. We can try items we would not otherwise buy to create a new-look and it will work out.

Adding Home Furnishings

Home furnishings can make a difference to a room. I am talking about cushions, pictures, throws, pots and ornaments. There are also curtains and rugs.vase with white tulips,white ornaments on a table with white chairs

I like all these and have often wanted to throw out a whole room to have these new accessories. It is like getting jewelry which you cannot resist.

I like to have nice comfy cushions on the sofa, a comfortable throw and a soft rug at my feet.

Do not be afraid to experiment with soft furnishings. Be prepared to part with old ones as you create your new look.

Home improvements should be fun and are fashionable so dive in and see where it takes you. There seems to be endless inspiration in home interiors these days.

Home Improvement Projects- Lighting

I also like lighting and how it can make a room look different.

There are many choices of lights to explore and of course lampshades. Personally I like lights that are crystal although I don’t have a big chandelier.crystal chandelier with white candle bulbs, hanging near a mirror I only have a small lounge. I remember admiring a big five light chandelier but it would not look good in my small lounge.

Ceiling Roses

Those ceiling roses can set off even a small but pretty light fitting. Bulbs make them look different too. I like those vintage bulbs. I have noticed them in pubs and restaurants which encouraged me to try them. Pubs can give you some color match ideas too. Use the inspiration you gain in your home.

Home Improvement Room Layout

How you layout your room can be to your advantage. You could move a chair near to a fireplace or a table near to a window. Experiment with this. Even moving ornaments around can make a difference. Placing pictures on another wall can too. Sometimes you can move things to another room. Swap curtains, cushions, pictures and throws within your home.

Finding pictures in home fashion magazines can help with layout ideas.

Conclusion On Home Improvement Projects

I have explored here the beginnings of planning a new look for your home. Home improvement projects are not easy I know.

There are many things out there that we can get these days to develop the look we want so that we can create the home of our dreams. Just go shopping, within your budget of course.

It will be well worth it to live in comfortable and fashionable surroundings.

Think about your lifestyle and how you are going to make use of each room. You can see that you need to plan and budget accordingly.

Endless looks can be created. There is a wide variety of things out there that you can purchase for your home. Keep adding your home ideas and write down your plans as you go on. All you need is imagination and hopefully this can lead to dream home interiors. Home improvement can be fun and is certainly worthwhile.

You may find this useful:

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About Julie Our House Renovation

 About Julie Our House Renovation

This is my story.

Hello everyone. I just wanted to say a little about myself and our house renovation. When I first got married I started to take an interest in things to do with the home.

My husband and myself renovated our house when we first moved in to it. This was around fourteen years ago now. We realized that we had to do quite a lot to the house. Our  house is Victorian so it is quite old. It needed a lot of renovation. The house was derelict to start with. A real mess.

It was overwhelming at first but we decided to get right into it. We had no choice.

Our House Was Dreadful

It all looked dreadful and it was quite daunting to start doing anything to change things.

The first thing was to have a new damp course installed, at this point we had not moved in. Everything took a while to sort out so we could not live here right away.

We had a new boiler and central heating fitted. After that came the decision to get new windows and doors.

There was a lot of decorating to do as well. It all took a lot of time but it was worth it in the end.

All this meant that we had to make many trips to the DIY stores. We even had a new bathroom and a new kitchen which we chose ourselves.

I got used to the trips to the DIY and started to take an interest in many of the items in store.

We looked at paint, chose colors and even got an idea of what tools were needed for each job.

 I gained an interest in gardening and would dig, weed and sow plants and seeds.

Things just seemed to improve gradually over time.

Our Look Our House

I soon noted how different themes apply to rooms. I realize that there are thousands of options out there as to how you can decorate a room.

There are lots of styles and some people may like modern, shabby chic or seaside themes. I like lights in particular and the many different styles of curtains and bedding.

It is nice to be able to experiment with home styles and everyone likes their own particular look. We can all share this interest in home fashion and style and find new ways to update and change our homes.

Our Homes Are Our Castles

Our homes are our castles and we should have the comfort and beauty of a nice home. To express our style and even artwork can be a passion.

Everyone deserves to live in a nice environment and I hope that I can help you gain that here. I have said a little about our house renovation. You can write your own home story too.

We can all learn more about home improvements and get inspiration which we can put into practice.

You can look here too.  : http://goyourhomeimprovementsi.com/how-to-redesign-your-own-home 

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Julie, goyourhomeimprovementsi.com