Dimplex Detroit 2KW Electric Fire

Dimplex Detroit 2KW Electric Fire Freestanding Optiflame Buy Here


You may be looking for an electric fire for your home. Here is the description of this popular Dimplex electric fire which I review here.

Price £169.00 Free delivery in UK

Choice of two heat settings

Choice of real coal or white pebble fuel bed (both included)

Can be used flame only effect

BEAB Approved


5 Stars 77%

Easy to install

Value for money

Dimplex Detroit Optiflame Electric Fire

I want to describe and review this electric fire from Dimplex. It is a very nice fire which looks good and is also good to use so if you are looking for a freestanding electric fire then this one is worth considering.

This fire is stylish and well-made and has a very realistic flame effect and an efficient heat output. It can be used on 1KW or 2KW settings. The controls make for easy access to the heat settings. It is easy to install and looks good too in most sitting rooms and fireplaces.

Rivals A Real Fire

The flame effect rivals a real fire with the Optiflame technology from Dimplex. The white pebbles can be used instead but some people mix the coals and pebbles together. This combination of coals and pebbles together are thought to look like burning ash below a fresh fuel bed. You just pop the coals or pebbles on it and plug it in with no assembly to do. It looks warm even without the fan heater on and the flame effect comforting to watch.

People think that it has a convincing coal and flame effect and that there can’t be a better buy on the market. Dimplex seems to be a highly recommended trader.

A Warm And Cosy Electric Fire

This electric fire seems to make the room quite cosy and is perfect for winter nights while being a useful back-up for central heating on chilly nights. It is thought very cost effective while just using the flame effect. It can be used all year round though and it is a good focal point to a room.

Someone thinks that it looks good in their tall oak surround. Someone else thinks that it goes well with their black wooden surround and brushed steel back panel.

People say that it looks just as good as a real fire without the mess. This fire is stylish and will lift the room on a gloomy day. It is the back light that gives the impression that the fire is real. It also  looks stylish and welcoming while giving a cosy feel to the room.

Thoughts on the features of the Dimplex Detroit Electric Fire

Many people are impressed with this fire and state that they have no regrets in buying it. This fire seems to be a favorite brand. One person says that people think it is a gas fire. It is certainly considered safer than a gas fire.

There are similar ones in DIY centers but they are more expensive. Someone says that they chose this one after looking at others because it shows the most realistic flame effect.

It is a fire that can modernize a living room or dining room and give them a really warm feel. Someone is happy with it as they have bought it for their 90 year old mother. She is impressed with it.

Heat Settings

The heat settings are more than adequate and you can leave the flame effect running and still feel warm. The heat comes from a fan heater which was thought to be a bit noisy by some people but not by others. It makes a typical fan heater noise which not too many people complain about although some people think it is quiet when on. One person said that even their Jack Russell dog loves stretching out in front of it.

Delivery Of The Fire

There are no complaints with the delivery of this type of fire. It always comes well packaged and the delivery is fast and also it is easy to order. Sometimes it arrives in one day. There is also an excellent friendly service.

It does not get battered in transit and can be unpacked, up and running in no time. It also is exactly as shown and as described. One person says that it is a good price, good service and that they would buy it again. Someone else bought another one for another room in their home so they have actually purchased two of them.

Look Of Fire

Now I want to talk a bit about the views of how this electric fire looks.

The fire comes with a chrome effect front. One person thinks that it looks a bit too shiny but that it will dull down after a while. Another person thinks that it looks cheap and plastic but most people refute that in reviews. They thought that it does not look cheap but is actually very stylish. It is better than they expected and looks good with their surround. Even though the chrome isn’t metal it does look real.

It is thought to be better than previous Dimplex fires that they have bought. I think that it needs to be plastic as real chrome would disintegrate and rust so looking a mess after a while.

There is a one-year guarantee on this product and there is a slip in the box to send off for it.


This fire fits flat to the back of the hearth and it is freestanding so there is no assembly required. It is easy to install with no fuss and it has a 41/2 feet long flex to plug it in with.

The fire is considered very sturdy and cheap to burn with the two power settings. It can heat the room up very quickly and then it can be switched off and the flame effect will keep you feeling warm.

Goes With Décor In The Room

The fire looks great and enhances the fireplace too. Some people use the pebbles as they think that they go better with their decor. It is a good focal point to a room, enhances the decor and is practical too. People buy this fire just for the look of it because it is so stylish even though their central heating keeps them warm. It looks good when off but is better when the fire light is on.


Buy Here

Dimplex Fires

Some people say that they will choose Dimplex always and would recommend them. It is considered a good value for money electric fire.

I want to get one of these too even though I have a good Dimplex stove. I just want a change. It also is reasonably priced and it looks good, keeps you warm and you don’t have to install it or anything.

Heat Efficient

This fire is safe, heat efficient with the two settings and has a choice of fuel bed. It has realistic flames and goes with any fireplace.

It will not take up too much room and it is a good focal point in any sitting room. You can also set it to come on without any problem. If the room temperature is warmer then it won’t come on, saving you money. The heat is good from it and it quickly warms a room up. This is a good boost to any central heating system. I think that it does not often get really cold these days but it can be used on its own to keep a room cosy. You do not even need to keep the fan running.

It looks fabulous when on or off.

You can mix the coals and pebbles too or use them separately. The coals are real. It is also cost effective for just the flame effect. An all round good fire. See also: goyourhomeimprovementsi.com/how-to-buy-an-electric-fire

If you want to write a review or have any comments please leave them here. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com

How To Buy An Electric Fire

What To Look For When Choosing Electric Fires

I am going to talk about how to buy an electric fire. First of all you may be considering getting an electric fire rather than a gas one. The main thing that you will look for is the level of heat you want for your room to keep it warm. Electric fires have the advantage of simulating a real fire without any hassle, smoke or mess. They are safer to use than gas fires or lighting a real fire.

Styles Of Electric Fires

Electric fires are very fashionable today. There is a large range of styles and a few types too. You may or may not know something about them. They boast many new features nowadays. I am going to discuss them here.

First Things To Consider

Choose which room you require a fire for. Decide which part of the room the fire will sit in. Some freestanding electric fires can even sit in a corner of the room.

The first thing to decide is whether you want a fire which will sit in an existing fireplace or a freestanding one. The freestanding one is better placed on a hearth so you could buy that as well.

Regardless of the fire you choose you must measure the center of your fireplace( if you have one) to make sure it fits. Fires can be situated horizontally or vertically depending on the style. Look at where the cable will go too, where will you plug it in? The cable comes in a certain length, e.g 1.5 meters.

Look at some fires for sale to get an idea about the styles and specifications of each one. You will notice that there are typical brands for sale. These are Dimplex, who do a wide range varying in price, Focal Point and Akershus to name a few. I have only really heard of Dimplex and I own one of these.

Types Of Fires

There are different types of fires. Some sit in your existing fireplace and some come complete with a fireplace. These are known as electric fireplaces or suites. Some do not need a fireplace at all. The heat source is from a fan heater, typically a 1000w and a 2000w setting.

electric fireplace

It is possible to get a freestanding electric fire or a stove. Inset electric fires can be built into the center of your fireplace as a permanent feature.

Wall mounted fires often come with a 3D LED back light. Some of these change colors from your remote control. The remote control also controls the heat setting. This may be 1000w or 2000w. The flame effect can be used independently of the heat source. You are able to dim the flame effect with the remote on some models. This allows for a duller flame for cosy winter nights.

Electric fires are designed to have the look of a real fire. They mimic it by looking like burning coal, wood or natural gas. These fires are obviously safer than the real thing. They even come with overheat protection where they will safely cut out, thermal cut off function.

Amazing Fires

These days an electric fire is not just a fire. I think that they have many new amazing features. One thing that you can do is you can program the fire from a remote control. There is a seven-day timer on some models. You are able to time it to come on at a certain time to warm the home. This feature allows you to return home to a warm sitting room with the fire on.

There are no harmful emissions from these fires and no mess. You can simply plug them in and get instant heat with a real fire look. They feature a built in quiet fan heater as the heat source. You are able to operate them from switches on the fire or the remote control. The switches are often discreetly hidden.

The Look Of The Fire

Now I will tell you about the different looks you are able to buy in electric fires. I have seen wall mounted fires with curved tempered glass fronts. You can enjoy a 3D dancing flame and some models change the color of the flame.

You are able to use pebbles on some fires for the fuel bed. Some come with interchangeable log effect and coals. Sometimes pebbles or coals. Mine has real coals or a log effect.

It really is close to a real fire at the push of a button. They look like real fires with no smoke.

Some have 5 level brightness flame effect. Another good feature on some stoves is that they can be 360 degrees. This means that you can see all round the fire with the open sides. This would be suitable in the middle of a large room. I saw a curved panoramic electric stove heater with dimmable, LED log fire flame effect.

Space saving, vertical wall hung fires can be purchased. These direct the eyes to the real fire look in the center.

Another fire I saw was a two door log effect stove fire with a 180 degree window. There is good viewing of the fuel bed so it is not just heat that they give out. A three sided open mesh door one will give a full view.

They often come in classical or vintage design and are quite elegant. Modern contemporary ones are too. Stove pipes can be purchased to complete the look of a stove.

Some fires can be wall mounted with detachable spacers if these are provided with the product. Check out all the specifications on each product.

Brass Effect

Electric fires are made in colors to match your room. They may just be black or white. Some may have a brass or chrome effect.

Decide on the look for your room. Do you want a traditional or a modern look? Look at a few fires before you decide. The prices really vary too. I think the more expensive ones are real brass or cast iron.

There are variations in the size of these fires too so decide what size would be appropriate for your room. I do not think that you would like a small one in a big fireplace. I think when you see the right fire you will know what one you want.


I hope that I have given you some ideas on buying an electric fire. I think that they have come a long way in design in recent years. There are now some good features.

They have quieter fans and 3D fuel beds. They are optimized to look like a real fire burning. Some have a modern twist in that they can change color too with the LED flame effect. It is good that they are dimmable to achieve ambiance.

There is a built in digital thermostat for precise temperature control. You can save money on a heating schedule. Warming the room at the right time through a 7-day timer is now possible.

I like the 3 sided open mesh doors on the stoves which provide an all round view of the fuel bed. I like the fact that they come in vintage or modern designs to complement the look of your home. The different looks of coal, log or pebbles in the fuel bed are good too.

I hope that you like my information on electric fires. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com

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Choosing A New Washing Machine

Washing Machines

I thought that I would write about washing machines.

I will talk a bit about their history then about choosing a new washing machine.

washing machines

They are such an essential item to have in the home. They are an amazing piece of machinery that makes our lives easier.

History of Washing Clothes

At the turn of the twentieth century people would have never of dreamed how far the science of cleaning clothes would develop. They could never have imagined the advanced features of the best commercial washing machines of today. Features we look for when choosing a new washing machine.

I once went to a museum which had an exhibition of an early twentieth century wash house. It was complete with metal washtubs and boards for scrubbing clothes. There were wooden mangles for squeezing the water out. In those days the main priority was just to get the clothes clean as quick as possible. There were babies to feed. Husbands out working down the mines. Many mothers would take their children along to the wash house. Prams would sit beside them as they washed. It was an all day job. Everyone chatted during their work. This was their social life.

On another occasion I visited an old tenement flat, at a museum in Scotland. It was just as it was around the 1920s. In one room where everyone lived there was a line suspended from the ceiling. This line dried the day’s washing. It was important to get the washing done quickly for the whole family. The water would be boiled on the range. Cooking was also done here. It also heated the room. It must have been a very difficult task in this cramped room. Everyone lived, ate and slept together in this room. How they must have struggled.

Modern Washing Machines

Anyway that is enough of the history of washing. I want to focus on the latest, modern washing machines. Buy Here I  am just so impressed with all the new features.  I would never have thought them all possible. Washing clothes really has come a long way. I want to talk about some of them here. I guess now we can wear clothes that will look new for quite a while, even after several washes. This is very encouraging with the prices of today’s clothes. I don’t think that the washing machines have gone up much in price either despite the new technology. This is also a good thing. The impressive new features make me want to ditch my old washing machine. I think there are many positive new benefits that we have not discovered before.

What To Look For In A New Washing Machine.

A modern washing machine really is a marvel in today’s world. Many people do not have access to them in the world, despite their advantages. I want to explore the many new features and benefits that we can enjoy in the modern machine. We may be fortunate to own such a washing machine.

The wash drum

What Is Important In A Washing Machine? You May Ask. What Features Does It Have?

Your ultimate aim is to get the clothes clean as quickly as possible ,with little fuss and by using the least energy. You may want to purchase one that will be of maximum benefit to your family. You may lead a busy lifestyle. The new technology takes in to account all these factors and more. The washing machine is designed for today’s needs and the features that you want.

Features Of A Modern Washing Machine.

Washing machines often come under the heading of ‘large kitchen appliances’. This is just the category that the sales store will place them under. Choosing a new washing machine should not be a difficult task. You may want to compare them but many are quite similar. I want to talk about the front loading ones although you can also get top loading washing machines. I think that the front loading ones are the most popular. Some people like to have an integrated washing machine which can be fitted into a kitchen cupboard. It is then hidden out of view when not in use. Non electric ones are available but I will mention the electric ones only here.

Some top rated washing machine brands include Bosch, Indesit, Candy, Hoover, Bush and Beko. I don’t want to compare these brands as it is personal choice obviously which brand someone buys. I would say it is best to look at all the features and decide on one that best suits your needs. Price is important too but they are something that does tend to end up in sales. They are a year round convenient appliance to buy.

Look For Features, Quietness, Washing Ability And Load Capacity.

I think the first thing to look for is the load capacity of the machine. A large family will need a bigger capacity one, say 9kg to accommodate the most amount of clothes in a load. Some machines will weigh the clothes and adjust the wash cycle to suit them. There are half load functions which automatically adjust the water and drum based on the load size.


There can be something like 15 different programs on a machine, temperature and spin speed can be adjusted easily. Buy Here. There is also an app that you can use on your android phone which will manage and control your washing at the touch of a button! Some call this Intelligent Sensor Technology.

Programs can include 15 minute washes to do the clothes very quickly if you are in a hurry.

washing machine program controls.

Temperature and spin controls can handle all types of clothes. Special programs are available to take care of woolens where the clothes will be washed more gently and spun at a lower spin speed.

One program is an anti allergy one where clothes get more rinsing to neutralize all allergens. This is good for people who have sensitive skin. I think that is a good feature to have. One machine I read about claims that it gets rid of 99.9% of all the major allergens.

Stain programs can deal with most stubborn stains and distribute the detergent more efficiently to do this.

I have seen a new feature which is a 3D drum to increase water pressure. It has curved paddles and a raised dome to optimize the washing of the clothes. Quite amazing features and no elbow grease here.


When you look at the description of each washing machine for sale it will state the machine’s performance. It will give a rating for energy efficiency, e.g A+ rating and also give the annual estimated energy consumption. Washing performance and spinning performance are mentioned too.

The estimated water consumption will be given in L/cycle. The energy consumption is given in KWh/cycle.

The spin speed of a washing machine is important too.  A high spin speed such as 1400 rpm will keep clothes as crease free as possible. Drying times will be kept to a minimum. It is claimed anyway.

The noise level is also mentioned and this is described as Decibels dB.  Look for how quiet it will be according to that.

Further Information.

Some further things that I can mention to you is that it is important to check whether the washing machine you choose can be built in to your kitchen. You require an integrated one for this. The description on the appliances you view will tell you if it can be built in or not.

Always check the dimensions of the machine too and its weight.

Consider whether you will pick up the appliance from the store or have it delivered. Delivery can cost extra and you can end up paying more for the installation and recycling of your old one.

Other important features include a child lock and overflow protection. Look for manufacturers guarantee which can be 10 years parts and 1 year labor.

Be sure to read the description carefully when you choose a machine. It should be a great appliance to have in your home.

Feel free to give your feedback and opinions. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com

How To Buy A Floor Lamp

How To Buy A Floor Lamp

Here I am going to review a floor lamp which I quite like. It is the Qianguang indoor lighting 1.6m wood floor lamp.

You may or may not have purchased a floor lamp before so I hope that this review will help you.

Qianguang Indoor Lighting 1.6m Wood Floor Lamp

I have put the description down below for you.

 Buy Here


Style: Modern.


Dimensions: 25.9cm x 25.9cm x 160cm.

Material: Wood.

Energy Saving.

No Batteries.

LED Irradiated Area: 30 square meters.

On/Off Switch On Cable

With Shelves, For Bedroom And Living Room.


Price: £88.88 Free Delivery.

5 Stars 81%

Easy To Assemble.

The Qianguang Indoor Lighting Wood Floor Lamp.

You may be wondering how to buy a floor lamp and what things to look for in deciding on the right one. This one is a unique Chinese lamp. I hope that you find this review useful. I have tried to include all the details about it for you as best I can.

Many people who have purchased it just love this lamp and it has a lot of positive comments. I loved it on first sight. This ideal lamp comes highly recommended for any modern home. It will not disappoint you.

Good In Any Room

This is a floor lamp for use in most rooms in the home while being practical and stylish. It looks equally good in a lounge, dining room or bedroom. You can use it as an end table or put it in a corner to give out extra light. This really is a piece of furniture with a built in light.

Features Of The Lamp

This floor lamp comes with handy shelves to place your useful items on. Some people place items like books, glasses, air freshener, or candles on them.

It will give extra lighting either in  a corner or by the side of your bed, useful as a decorative lamp and also convenient for storage.


You will have to assemble it yourself but it can be put together very easily in a matter of minutes. You won’t have problems or difficulties in doing this. It is easy to assemble, even for a novice and there are instructions that are easy to follow. Someone said that they put it together in 15 minutes.

 A Floor Lamp That Looks Good In The Home

This lamp appears sturdy and will stand tall in any corner of the room. It will give great ambiance and a contemporary feel to the home.

Some people think that it looks pretty and are very pleased with their purchase. They think it is a lovely light and also good value for money.

The lamp is very white but you can get this lamp in different colors. I think there is a black one but it looks good in either color.


The bulb can be changed to suit your requirements. It uses an E27 Cap Type bulb. It can take an incandescent bulb, an E27 Energy Saving bulb or an E27 LED bulb. The bulb has to be purchased separately though.

It has a long cable, which can be switched on by the foot with an on/off switch. One person put the cable inside it somehow and uses a metal pull cord just under the middle section of the light. I am not sure about this. You would need to check it out in the instructions provided.


The vertical storage space is described as a Layer 4 Unique Vertical Storage Rack Space. It provides Useful Indoor Lighting and Decorative Storage. Do not get confused by this. It is shelves with a floor lamp.

It can withstand a weight of up to 20kg. I don’t think you will weigh everything that you place on it.

A Useful Lamp

I think that it is useful to have a floor lamp with storage space. This is more convenient than having the light and storage separate. It saves space. The light and your items are together in one place while it is stylish and elegant too.

It is the right height for glasses, kindle and a phone. At night you can easily read before bed.


The bulb creates a soft, diffused light and it does not blind you in the morning. Many people like this.

It does have a parchment shade. Someone thought this looked cheap but it can easily be replaced for another shade if you prefer. The picture of the lamp in the description shows what it is like.


You can miss out the middle shelf to make the lamp shorter but most people prefer it at the height that it is.

Photos show off well on the white shelves.

The power cable clips on the back and it isn’t a problem as it is a sensible length.

It is considered a beautiful and very different lamp. You may find it appealing if you like Chinese style lamps.


The main point about the assembly of this floor lamp is that it is quite easy to do. It does not take long whether you are an experienced DIY person or a novice.

It has good instructions that are easy to read. The shelves can be put to what height you want too.

You can choose which bulb you want which will give the right ambiance.

People say that the diagrams are easy to follow and everything fits the way its supposed to do.

Useful For Holidays

It comes with a European adapter and it is useful for holidays.


People are pleasantly surprised at the quality of the packaging, the instructions and the sturdiness of the result.

You will easily be able to manage the assembly.  I do not know if it needs screws or how it is put together though.

Someone was impressed with the packaging and said it was just right with no waste.

The instructions are simple and there is 12 months of free maintenance on it if you do have any problems.


After reading the reviews I came to the conclusion that this is a very stylish and popular floor lamp. Buy Here It seems practical, not too heavy either. It will create a warm lighting atmosphere in your room while you can read with the light at night. I don’t think it will be too bright and glaring in your eyes.

This floor lamp shows off items such as photos, candles and ornaments well. It is quite a practical lamp. Glasses, books and other personal items can be stored on it. It is useful by the bed or couch.

It’s easy to put together and the right height and can be adjusted if need be.

The cable can be clipped up out-of-the-way so that you do not trip up over it.

I think it is a good modern design floor lamp and it is worth trying. It is better than buying shelves separately and putting a lamp on top which could fall off.

I had to stick Velcro on the bottom of my lamp to keep it on the shelf!  I would much prefer this combination floor lamp which is great for storage too.

Feel free to comment if you like this product and share this review. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com

Choosing An American Fridge Freezer

  Choosing An American Fridge Freezer A Review

Here I am going to talk about an American fridge freezer which I have thoroughly reviewed. I have put the description down below for you.

Review of Fridgemaster M591518FFB

Black Side-By-Side American Fridge Freezer By Fridgemaster Buy Here

Price: £524.00 Free Shipping

Freezer Capacity: 177L

Fridge Capacity:339L

Frost Free Freezer

Item Weight:94kg

Product Dimensions: 64.3x91x178.6cm

Capacity Total:566Litres

Form Factor: Side-By-Side

Color: Black Satin Finish

No Batteries Required

LED Lighting

Open Door Alarm

Cable 3ft Long

A+ Energy Rating

1 Year Warranty From Manufacturer

5 Stars 91%

 An Outstanding Fridge Freezer

I love this one as it has excellent ratings and reviews and it also looks good. See for yourself. These reviews often make it easier for you to decide on which one would suit you.

This one is a great addition to any kitchen.

Features of the American Side-by-side fridge freezer

I have discovered many features about this fridge freezer. I have not encountered these before so I want to talk about them here.


It has some safety features and also some for convenience which is good. There is a child safety lock installed to keep out tiny fingers. The built in open door alarm will activate if you leave the door open for a minute or two as well.

It also boasts adjustable feet and side by side doors too for easy opening.

There is holiday mode too but I don’t know how that works.

Practical features

There are some very convenient features on this model.

This fridge freezer comes frost free so you do not have to defrost it and its large capacity of 566 litres makes it very suitable for a large, growing family.

Large families and those who like to cook for guests find it is great for them.

 Super Cool Feature

It has a brilliant cooling feature which will preserve food for longer and this is called Super Cool and Super Freeze. This new technology will freeze foods more quickly and effectively.

There is also the Multi Air Flow feature giving a steady stream  of cool air around the food which will keep the food at a constant, ideal temperature. This will work in both the fridge and the freezer.

Food Fresh

The great thing is that if the power cuts out this fridge freezer can keep foods fresh and frozen for up to ten hours.


This is a fridge freezer with a high satisfaction rating. These reviews I have been reading give an overall picture about this product. I found it to have a high satisfaction rating. It is considered an excellent fridge freezer and a good choice for the price.

People say that they love it and that it is absolutely wonderful. Someone said that the pictures don’t do it justice.

Suits The Kitchen

This is a popular American style fridge freezer that will suit any kitchen decoration well.

Delivery Opinions

This fridge freezer does seem rather large so it is wise to consider whether you will have the space for it.

It had to be squeezed through the doors of some houses on delivery because it comes fully wrapped up. Check the measurements to avoid any problems with this.

It has also been said that the packaging can add inches to it. You may have to tilt it to get it through a doorway. The delivery people should help with this. If you have patio doors or a large entrance then you should be ok.

Prompt Delivery

Usually it is delivered in excellent condition. There is good service and prompt delivery. It is a 5 star service. Customers are kept in touch with what is going on every step of the way. No one has any complaints about the delivery.

The product is found to be just as described and it is recommended to others. It is an amazing  choice and easy to set up.

Right Temperature

It will soon get to the right temperature to use in under an hour so it will also hold the temperature well.

With an excellent capacity it fits the requirements of a large fridge freezer and there  are plenty of shelves and door space. It boasts seven frozen food compartments and small shelves on the door.

There are two thermostats, one for the fridge and one for the freezer. Also, there is an LED touch feature on the door which allows you to change the temperature with one touch.

Most People Are Happy With The Product

In reviews someone said that it was the worst fridge freezer ever because it packed up after two years.

They said that space is limited because  door shelves and vents must be kept clear. They said that this reduces the amount of food that can be stored. They also complained about the salad drawer saying it is flimsy plastic which only lasted four months.

However most people are happy with the product and its convenient features.

One person said that it was the best fridge freezer they have ever had. I think the product quality speaks for itself on delivery. If you are not happy with it then you can ask for it to be taken back.

Ice Cube Twist Tray

Children really like the ice cube twist tray by which they can make their own ice and there is a wine rack/bottle rack for a convenient way to store cold drinks.


Buy Here This American fridge freezer has a lot of positive reviews. It fits well into many kitchens where a large modern fridge freezer is required.

It is a popular style side by side American style fridge freezer in a nice black satin finish. The side by side door opening feature and LED Lighting are very convenient features.  This one boasts adjustable feet for positioning too.

It has a long cable so that it can be positioned better in the kitchen and the frozen food storage compartments are more than adequate.

It will also stay frozen for up to ten hours after there is a power cut which is amazing. The special Super Cool features and Super Freeze technology are great and the Multi Air feature too.

I think it should be noted that the dimensions should be checked and also the delivery requirements. The packaging adds inches to it but it should not be a problem if it can be taken through the door tilted. The delivery people will lift it into place so check these things out first.

This fridge freezer competitively fits the bill with its spacious design and convenient features. It stores fresh and frozen food efficiently and in style. Someone said that all they had to do was to fill the “bad boy”.

If you have any comments on this product please leave them below.


How To Buy A Fridge Freezer

 A Fridge Freezer-How To Buy

Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer

You may have moved house and been thinking of buying a  fridge freezer for it. You may decide that you need a new one at home where you are. I think before you choose a new fridge freezer it is best to learn about the features of the latest modern ones available.

Your Old Fridge Freezer

First have a look at your present fridge freezer. Look for signs of rust and wear and also if the drawers are cracked or the shelves are damaged. Can you fit everything inside it that you wish to store? Is it frost free? Do you have to struggle with built up ice that you have to keep defrosting away? If you want to get another one and know how to buy a fridge freezer to suit your needs then read on.

My Fridge Freezer

Our fridge freezer was still working when we decided to part with it. I don’t know why I kept hanging onto it. I was having to defrost and scrape it out every so often.

It had broken drawer fronts and had problems storing all our food properly, without it dropping out. It was only when we actually started browsing other fridge freezers, that were new, that we thought of replacing it. Our next door neighbors got a new one and we just realized one day that we needed to replace ours too.

We were surprised how many features that the new modern ones have and the types that you can get. They do vary in price quite a bit. There are some that you can buy for a reasonable price and that are not too expensive.

Not Just A Fridge Freezer

They really are not just a fridge freezer. We were at first fed up of squashing all the food into the few drawers so we bought a freezer which fills the gap in the spare bedroom.

The idea was to store a few extra frozen things and put some ice-cream in there, that otherwise would not fit in the fridge freezer. However, it got stocked up too much with food and the noise it made was tremendous. It sounded like a herd of elephants in an angry mood. It settled down after a while.

We did purchase a new fridge freezer and we find it has suitable capacity for us and it is frost free and not noisy. So you see it is better to know what you are looking for.

Features Of New Fridge Freezers

I am going to talk about the important features of new fridge freezers here. When you look for them in shops or online you will see that there are various brands of fridge freezers available. Many are really good brands such as Bosch but you need to look carefully at the descriptions about each fridge freezer.

Decide if it will meet your needs. The second thing is the price, some large American fridge freezers can be over 1,000 pounds although they tend to be in sales and discounted quite a lot.


Fridge freezers come in different colors these days and not just the typical white ones.  You will maybe want to choose a black one or silver one. Decide if it will fit in with your other appliances. Some people like to have them hidden away in a cupboard so then the color would not really matter.

The next thing is the size of the appliance. What would suit you? A really large fridge freezer or a mini fridge freezer?

If there are a lot of members in your family then you will want to go for a large one with a big capacity. The capacity comes in liters. Each appliance will tell you this in its description along with the dimensions. It really needs to fit into the right space in the kitchen so choose wisely on this.

The doors on some fridge freezers can be adjusted to open on the right or left side to help you with finding space for it. Some fridge freezer doors lie side by side to help with opening them.

Integrated Fridge Freezers

Some fridge freezers are described as integrated which means that they have the freezer built into them along with the fridge part. Ours has the freezer part below the fridge but some have the freezer part above the fridge. I think for someone who has problems with bending down such as with a bad back then the freezer at the top is ideal.


Look carefully for a fridge freezer for a small space as you will not be able to have a large American freezer if that is what your looking for. When it is delivered you will want it to fit straight into the required space and two men will need to lift and maneuver a large one. The delivery is therefore important so check out fast, free delivery. There can also be next day delivery and in some cases you can get the old one removed and the new one installed. Sometimes you will see that there are free returns should you have a problem with it. Some are under good guarantees too of around two years. Keep your receipt of purchase and fill out any guarantee information required.

In The Kitchen

A fridge freezer in the kitchen means that you will not have to go out to a garage or a spare room to fetch your frozen items when you want to cook something. They are well-built, reliable and energy efficient. The energy rating will be displayed in the manufacturers descriptions e.g A+ rating that can mean it has a good power consumption for each year. This will be displayed too such as 436kwh/year.

A fridge freezer freezes because of a built in thermostat which controls the temperature and passes the power to the compressor and fans. This can be adjustable. Some have a fridge which has super cooling to briefly reduce the temperature to quickly chill foods when they are first put in the fridge. Look for other technical specifications such as the capacity of the fridge and the freezer. For example, fridge- 380L, freezer- 288L. The larger the better for all your food.

They will have adjustable shelves too should you wish to store tall items. Some items like milk can be stored in the door too. Vegetables can be kept crisp and fresh and stored safely. Look for the number of compartments and door shelves.

Types Of Fridge Freezer

Colored Fridge Freezer With Freezer Space At The Top.

The manufacturer will give the height, width and depth in mm and tell you the other specifications of the appliance. There are some great features besides frost free. These include safety glass shelves, electronic display and anti finger print. Some have an ice and water dispenser to deliver crushed ice, ice cubes or cold water at the press of a button. Others have features to keep the food fresh for up to twice as long by providing low temperatures and optimalhumidity, such as for fruit and vegetables.

There are door alarms so that you won’t forget to shut the door. You can get ones with antibacterial door seals to stop bacteria from entering the fridge. Chrome wine racks store soft drinks and wine easily and clear freezer fronts help identify foods.

A fridge freezer can therefore be a joy to have in your home with new modern features that make them very convenient.  The A+ rating helps keep energy bills down.

Many impressive new features mean the fridge freezer has advanced like many appliances today. I hope that you find the right one for you. You may like this too- click here   http://goyourhomeimprovementsi.com/choosing-an-amer…n-fridge-freezer ‎

Please leave any comments below.



Review of Double Wall Glass Electric Kettle by JKsmart.


Double Wall Glass Electric Kettle

Precise Variable Temperature Control and Keep Warm Function

1.7L Capacity


Fast Boiling Auto Shutoff

Boil Dry Protection

Keep Warm Function


Energy Class A+

3.9 out of 5 stars

72% 5 stars

Blue LED illumination.

UK Pinned, Molded Plug.


2 Year Warranty.

You can Buy Here.

Functional and Good Looking Kettle

This innovative and stylish kettle is considered a beautiful design and is very useful for making drinks that require different temperatures particularly tea and coffee. The recommended temperature for making coffee is 88C to 92C. This kettle has a digital panel on the handle for setting the temperature of the water and the temperature can be increased or decreased by 10C. A lovely kettle with a blue LED light that illuminates the kettle while the water is being heated. The kettle has see through glass so the water can be seen boiling. Someone said that the novelty of watching it never wore off and it gleamed a bright blue making it a wonderful view. It’s nice to watch the water through the glass. It also boasts a double wall with the outer wall made of a plastic layer for a safe touch and anti-collision, also the spout is stainless steel which makes it safer. This protects from harmful burns. One person said that this was better than one with a glass spout, which they had as that one broke making it very dangerous.

Most people love this kettle as it boils quickly and it is not very noisy. It is considered heavier than other kettles at 1.3kg when empty but someone said that it was only the weight of a steel kettle that they had owned. It is very easy to use by using the digital temperature panel on the handle. You set the temperature and then the Keep Warm Function. This allows for the water to be kept warm for up to six hours so that you can get your drink at the desired temperature as you need to.

There is a Boil Dry Protection which means that the kettle will automatically shut off when there is no water. This safety feature kettle with its double wall and outer plastic layer protects from harmful burns. The inner FDA Approved Borosilicate Glass ensures BPA FREE drinking although I am not sure what that means. It will apparently protect the family’s health, preserve natural flavors and prevent taste contamination.

The 2200w power is sufficient for fast boiling in 5-6 minutes and is considered 85% more efficient than a stove top kettle. The blue LED function illuminates the kettle so that you know it is heating the water up. It is soon ready for oatmeal, pasta and any hot drinks without having to wait too long. You can precisely adjust the temperature from 40C to 90C for the perfect drink or use in cooking. It will automatically switch off once the desired temperature is reached. The Keep Warm Function will keep the water hot for up to six hours. It was noted that the water would stay warm for a long time even if this function was not used. The maximum safety automatic shut off mechanism will work within 30 seconds after the water is fully boiled.

If there are any issues with your new kettle then the company say that they will replace it or refund the money. There is a two-year warranty although someone said that the booklet stated that it was a one-year warranty. Someone had a problem with the lid and was able to send it back. The problem was that steam was getting into the digital panel on the lid causing the kettle to break down. This problem with the lid was the exception rather than the norm with most people being very happy with their kettles. Someone stated that it was well worth the price and an excellent product of design, quality and usability. Although one person said it looked cheap most people said it was stylish. Another said that it was a very modern kettle with fantastic features and that they would recommend it. It seemed to be what they were looking for in a variable temperature kettle. They loved the way that you can change the temperature of the water for different things. You Can Buy Here.


This is a kettle with very modern features and I think some thought has gone into it with safety. It seems easy to use with the ability to adjust the temperature needed for the desired use. It has a large capacity so that it will provide a few drinks. I like the see through glass and the blue LED light gives it a fun feature and you know that it is heating up even below boiling point. The Keep Warm Function is good because then all the coffees or teas can be put out without some not being warm enough by the time it is poured. You could just walk off to attend to cooking or whatever and come back and pour a satisfying drink. You can use it in the bedroom or living room too as I think it is stylish enough and you do not have to move far to make a drink, only to the sink of course to fill it up. It can save time by keeping it warm to make another drink.

This is thought a quality kettle and some people say that it was well packed when it arrived from shipping. It also comes with free delivery and it is considered well worth the price. I think that this is a good kettle to own if you don’t mind it being slightly heavier than some other kettles. Variable temperature kettles are a new and useful innovation and this one comes with style and safety. I also think that if there are any problems such as with the lid then it can and will be replaced with no problem to the customer. It is under a 2 year warranty and most of the reviews do not mention a problem with the lid or any problem with this kettle. If you want to add any comments about the kettle or you have used one like it then please feel free to comment below. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com

VonShef 1.7L Variable Temperature Kettle


VonSheff 1.7L Variable Temperature Kettle-

Control Panel Base Electric Kettle with Window Gauge, Level Markings

4 Temperature Settings- 70, 80, 90 and 100C

3000w Power

1.7L capacity provides up to 6 cups of perfectly heated water.

Removable , easy-clean limescale filter ensures fresher tasting water.

360 degrees swivel base.

4.4 out of 5 Stars

5 Star 66%

£39.99 Free Delivery.

Buy it Here.

The VonShef kettle has the benefit of setting the temperature of the water according to the purpose you need it for. This can be useful when making coffee which needs a lower temperature than boiling point to prevent burning the coffee and spoiling the taste. It is helpful in making herbal teas and when using a hot water bottle, when lower temperatures are needed. These can easily be set by the button controls and the kettle will light up a certain color depending on the temperature that you set. It will also beep to let you know that you have set your temperature. This can be helpful to hard of hearing and visually impaired alike. The default temperature is set at 100C. You can now use the recommended temperature for various types of tea and other hot drinks. It is considered well-built and less cost than other similar kettles on the market. With a fast dispatch and delivery it was reported to arrive well in estimated dates. A well priced 3000w kettle with a 2-year manufacturers guarantee.

Considered aesthetically pleasing and outstanding quality, easy to use and keeps the water hot, also easy to clean and fill with water. It has a removable filter for ease of cleaning. However, it was noted that replacement filters were not available. It may need the filters replacing but there were no complaints about this. VonSheff said to be a lesser known brand was thought to be a good one with many people happy with the design. It was compared to Bosch having all the features of a Bosch but less expensive.

Features of the Kettle

This stainless steel kettle is metal inside with a clear plastic level window. It can get hot on the outside due to it not being insulated but is typical of a metal type kettle. It is a nice looking kettle though with a concealed element and fun lights to tell you the set temperature. Someone said that the silver metal part gives the kettle an air of quality. The lid seems well constructed and opens right back by pressing a button at the top. Another person said that it can be hard to fill if there is anything in the kitchen sink and that it needs to be directly under the kitchen tap. Someone else said that it has a very wide lid, great for pouring one mugful. It also has a comfortable handle and it is very light to pick up. The power button has to be set first then the temperature unlike the manual states. Steam will escape when it is boiled at 100C but not when it is boiled at 90C. It also has boil dry protection. It was said to boil water, pours well and does not leak. Some people said that it was noisy when boiling at 100C but others said that it was not noisier than other kettles they have had, while others said that it was quiet. I think it depends on what kind of kettle you are used to. One person said that they have had this kettle for 3 months and that it is the best kettle they’ve had and a truly good value kettle. It saves time, energy and money. This is because you are not always boiling the kettle at 100C and waiting for it to cool down to make certain drinks like coffee. The temperature controls ensure that whatever you make you have the perfect cuppa.

This kettle is thought to be the right size, not too big and the surface is easily wipe proof although one person thought that they had to rub it a lot to get it clean. People thought that it improved the taste of various teas, particularly green teas.


Buy it Here.

This great value for money kettle available in a smart, contemporary design brushed stainless steel has a pleasant, cylindrical design. It is easy to use and quick to boil. It is great for making herbal teas and coffee that requires lower temperatures than boiling point. It comes with speedy delivery from VonShef and some people wanted other products from VonShef too as a result of being pleased with the kettle. An innovative design, it was compared to Bosch having similar features but seemed less expensive. It’s drawbacks were that it could be slow to switch off at 100C and it’s body got hot with it being stainless steel. It could be noisy but not more so than other kettles. It came well packed in a cardboard box within another, sturdier cardboard box and it was delivered quickly. It improved the taste of herbal teas and was considered well worth the money to control the temperature of the hot water needed for these teas and also coffee. There was no strange taste when drinking the tea. It seems a good option for its purpose and preferable to other kettles that leaked or developed faults in less than a year despite being more expensive. I think that this kettle is fit for purpose and more interesting than an ordinary kettle. It has a two-year warranty so is definitely worth a try. It is a kettle for use by a responsible adult who knows what they are doing with the different temperatures. Improving the taste of special teas and coffees and experimenting with this seems to be it’s best feature. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com If you want to review or comment on this product feel free to leave your thoughts below. You can read the full reviews on Amazon.

Showers for the Home

Types of showers

When wishing to install a shower for the first time in your home you may be wondering which shower to choose. The type of shower that you choose depends largely on the plumbing and electrical arrangements in your home. You cannot just buy any shower you need to know which heating system that you have installed in your home. There are gravity-fed systems that use a cold water tank in your loft which will feed a hot water cylinder. You may have a combi-boiler that supplies your hot and cold water to your home. There are also pressurized systems which has the water pressure already determined for your system, therefore you will not need a shower pump which some showers need to control the flow of water.

Showers for the home come in many types nowadays. The latest ones are digital and really are innovative with a wireless control panel to set the temperature to exact requirements. This can be done even through a mobile phone and Bluetooth connectivity. The shower can be set at the right temperature before you step in and some control panels can be hidden away from the bathroom wall. This type of technology does not come cheap with prices ranging up to £1000 depending on the brand.

A cheaper alternative that can be used in different spaces such as a converted outhouse are electric showers. These heat the water up as you use it from the cold supply and also save energy. However, you are unlikely to get a powerful flow of water. The power you do get depends on the wattage which can range from 8.5kw to 10.5kw. Please get a qualified electrician to fit this shower. The disadvantages of it though is that the shower can run cold if someone in the kitchen, for example, runs the tap. This is because of a safety feature cutting the power to the heating element to stop the water getting too hot. The water pressure can drop too causing a reduced flow of water when a tap is turned on. Power showers have an advantage over this. These showers have a built in pump that boosts flow rate and temperature so that they are not affected by water use elsewhere in the house. Check whether this type of shower can be installed, they are usually OK for a gravity-fed system but not systems where you cannot use a pump to boost water pressure (combi-boiler and pressurized systems).

Mixer showers can work off the combi-boiler or immersion heater and have a stronger flow. They are useful to use from the immersion heater if the boiler breaks down. Bath and shower mixers work from the hot and cold bath taps and you need to experiment with these to get the right temperature. They are not very useful as you have to crouch in the bath to use them.

Water pumps

Water pumps are used on showers to boost the flow of water but there are certain water systems only that you can use them on. Find out if it is suitable to your needs before purchasing. These are used if the water pressure in your home is low and the flow to your shower needs boosting. Water pressure is measured in bars. Check with a plumber about this. A power shower has a built in pump.


Showers are available in modern or traditional designs and brands. Some brands include Aqualisa, Atlantes, Vetri, Certo and Totem. You can look around for the price and brand that you like in the type of shower you need. Most of the specifications will be included in the shower’s description.

You will then want to decide whether the shower is going to be over the bath or in an enclosure. There are many enclosures that you can choose also in different types. You need to choose the space it will be obviously according to your plumbing arrangements. You can get walk-in, quadrant, frame less, D-shaped or off-set quadrant enclosures so take your time having a look which will suit you. Maybe you want a wet-room. The shower trays come in rectangular, quadrant, square and slimline. It is best to buy a complete shower enclosure and to discuss it beforehand with your plumber to get the right requirements to suit your needs. The doors can be infold, sliding, hinged or neo-angle. Shower doors are available for the bathtub in various types too.

The shower space can be creative with the use of tiling or waterproof wall panels to suit your taste. Look for accessories such as showerheads. Some have different flow types such as rainfall and I have seen ones that light up to make the water look different colors. Eco spray patterns save water. Some digital showers have concealed controls which you can press to divert water flow from one showerhead to another. They usually have a quiet operation and can boast an LED showerhead which is self-powered by the force of running water. Lightweight handsets prevent damage to the bathtub if accidentally dropped. Some colors include white gloss, brushed steel effect and chrome for electric showers, brands include Triton, Trance or Mira. They have variable power control and good guarantees. Look for deals on luxury showers.

Whether your shower type requirement is electric, boiler-fed, mixer or power shower I am sure that you will find the right one. If you buy the shower unit, mixer and waste then the plumber can supply the pipes. The builder can supply plasterboard, timber and nails. Get a shower expert to do the job if it is a first time installation or you are unsure of the fitting. Always get a qualified electrician to fit the electrical parts and make sure that they are fully insured. Look at the labor costs as you may have to pay for the removal of the bath as well as the installation of the shower. Find a rated and trusted plumbing service to do the installation. Visit a showroom and get ideas and advice. See shower reviews and check out warranties.

Enjoy your new shower whether it is an over the bathtub one or a shower enclosure one. Whether you decide on a digital thermostatic shower to use the latest technology or a simple electric shower. Showers are not just for washing and they can now create a relaxing bathing experience with LED lights and controlled water flow and temperature. If you have any comments feel free to leave them here. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com





Review of Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress.

A new Silentnight Mattress

I want to bring you this review of a Pocket Spring Silentnight Mattress because I am personally a big fan of these mattresses. I own one myself which we have recently purchased and I have found it to be a very comfortable mattress. The mattress I am reviewing here comes in sizes as follows: Single (90x190cm)

Double (135x190cm)

King (150x200cm)

This is an easy care, no turn mattress which is hyper allergenic and dust mite resistant for better health and it is made in the UK. It is medium firm and has a 65% 5 star rating or 4.4 out of 5 stars. It comes from a renowned brand and has full Silentnight warranty. It is considered long-lasting and customers found it good value for money. Buy from Amazon. The dispatch time is described as being between 1-2 weeks however some customers said that it arrived in a couple of days. Described as a good quality bed by quite a few people in reviews it is considered worth the price and very comfortable. Only a small percentage were unhappy with it and one person said that the springs were sticking through after six months.

This bed came highly recommended by many and it was bought for all ages ranging from a toddler to the elderly. Someone could not get a child out of bed as it was so comfy. It was used for spare rooms and guests had no complaints. Someone said it was so comfy that they wished that they could give it 6 stars. Others thought that it was too firm but people with back pain said that their pain was eased after sleeping on it for a few weeks. One person said it was the best mattress you can get and another said it was a deep, semi-firm mattress that was slept on for 3 years and they could not find fault with it.

Delivery of the Mattress

Reviews range from poor delivery but good quality to excellent product, supplied promptly and without damage. It came wrapped in plastic. A woman living alone stated that the delivery people put it on her bed for her. Someone else had it taken to their flat on the third floor. Someone thought it was a great way to buy a mattress on Amazon. Someone else said that it was a well-made, substantial mattress for frequent use and packaged in heavy plastic on arrival. My mattress was also encased in plastic and it had the weight on the packaging, it also stated that it needed to be lifted with care and some help. These mattresses are great but can be quite heavy, mine is 27kg which I remember was boldly stated on the wrapping. However, it is a king-size one and obviously it was going to be heavy. The delivery service is very good and they will help with the mattress with moving it upstairs if needed. Someone said that the delivery service and ordering was really good and easy for a novice like them. Another person said it was prompt delivery and appropriately packaged. It was well described, reasonably priced and packaged, so as not to incur damage.


Customers bought a mattress for their child and found that their children liked them so much that they bought them for their own rooms. Someone stated that their son was sleeping well without medication. Children of all ages were finding it comfortable and were sleeping better. However, there was disappointment that the mattress has no handles and that it is a no turn mattress but otherwise it was fine. The single mattresses fitted the bases well.


This mattress has many reviews so I cannot cover everything here but I think I have covered most things. Generally it is considered to be a very good mattress. Buy from Amazon. A customer said that it is an excellent all-rounder from a renowned brand and it cannot be beaten on price. Most people found it to be good value for money though it seemed quite firm but the topping provided a soft, surface layer. I find this to be true. A good quality mattress which is recommended and quite often a pleasant surprise that it is so comfortable and cheaper than other quality mattresses. Someone tried some out in a store but found this mattress to be just as good, if not better, than similar ones. An absolute bargain which seemed to relieve back ache in opinions. Sometimes people bought multiple mattresses for their home and even had them in their spare rooms which pleased their guests. The guests gave compliments on the mattresses. It was a firm mattress, really comfortable with no dips or hollows. It is described as “no roll together” to bring the comfort to two sleepers on the bed which I think seems to work well. People say that it has the perfect support for their spine.

It seems that people were happy with their mattresses and wished that they had tried a Silentnight years ago. However, a few were not happy and thought that their mattress dipped after a short time. Someone said that there could be reservations when buying a bed and confusion, not knowing what you are paying for but after having the mattress recommended by a friend and trying it for two months they thought it was great. Most people thought it was better than expected for the price. “You do not need to spend a fortune to get a good sleep” was another comment. They would definitely buy again. The occasional person thought that it could be more comfortable if the foam layer above the springs was thicker and although there was the odd complaint about a dip most people were very happy with their mattresses. If you want to leave any comments below you can and give your opinion feel free to do so. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com