Choosing A New Washing Machine

Washing Machines

I thought that I would write about washing machines.

I will talk a bit about their history then about choosing a new washing machine.

washing machines

They are such an essential item to have in the home. They are an amazing piece of machinery that makes our lives easier.

History of Washing Clothes

At the turn of the twentieth century people would have never of dreamed how far the science of cleaning clothes would develop. They could never have imagined the advanced features of the best commercial washing machines of today. Features we look for when choosing a new washing machine.

I once went to a museum which had an exhibition of an early twentieth century wash house. It was complete with metal washtubs and boards for scrubbing clothes. There were wooden mangles for squeezing the water out. In those days the main priority was just to get the clothes clean as quick as possible. There were babies to feed. Husbands out working down the mines. Many mothers would take their children along to the wash house. Prams would sit beside them as they washed. It was an all day job. Everyone chatted during their work. This was their social life.

On another occasion I visited an old tenement flat, at a museum in Scotland. It was just as it was around the 1920s. In one room where everyone lived there was a line suspended from the ceiling. This line dried the day’s washing. It was important to get the washing done quickly for the whole family. The water would be boiled on the range. Cooking was also done here. It also heated the room. It must have been a very difficult task in this cramped room. Everyone lived, ate and slept together in this room. How they must have struggled.

Modern Washing Machines

Anyway that is enough of the history of washing. I want to focus on the latest, modern washing machines. Buy Here I  am just so impressed with all the new features.  I would never have thought them all possible. Washing clothes really has come a long way. I want to talk about some of them here. I guess now we can wear clothes that will look new for quite a while, even after several washes. This is very encouraging with the prices of today’s clothes. I don’t think that the washing machines have gone up much in price either despite the new technology. This is also a good thing. The impressive new features make me want to ditch my old washing machine. I think there are many positive new benefits that we have not discovered before.

What To Look For In A New Washing Machine.

A modern washing machine really is a marvel in today’s world. Many people do not have access to them in the world, despite their advantages. I want to explore the many new features and benefits that we can enjoy in the modern machine. We may be fortunate to own such a washing machine.

The wash drum

What Is Important In A Washing Machine? You May Ask. What Features Does It Have?

Your ultimate aim is to get the clothes clean as quickly as possible ,with little fuss and by using the least energy. You may want to purchase one that will be of maximum benefit to your family. You may lead a busy lifestyle. The new technology takes in to account all these factors and more. The washing machine is designed for today’s needs and the features that you want.

Features Of A Modern Washing Machine.

Washing machines often come under the heading of ‘large kitchen appliances’. This is just the category that the sales store will place them under. Choosing a new washing machine should not be a difficult task. You may want to compare them but many are quite similar. I want to talk about the front loading ones although you can also get top loading washing machines. I think that the front loading ones are the most popular. Some people like to have an integrated washing machine which can be fitted into a kitchen cupboard. It is then hidden out of view when not in use. Non electric ones are available but I will mention the electric ones only here.

Some top rated washing machine brands include Bosch, Indesit, Candy, Hoover, Bush and Beko. I don’t want to compare these brands as it is personal choice obviously which brand someone buys. I would say it is best to look at all the features and decide on one that best suits your needs. Price is important too but they are something that does tend to end up in sales. They are a year round convenient appliance to buy.

Look For Features, Quietness, Washing Ability And Load Capacity.

I think the first thing to look for is the load capacity of the machine. A large family will need a bigger capacity one, say 9kg to accommodate the most amount of clothes in a load. Some machines will weigh the clothes and adjust the wash cycle to suit them. There are half load functions which automatically adjust the water and drum based on the load size.


There can be something like 15 different programs on a machine, temperature and spin speed can be adjusted easily. Buy Here. There is also an app that you can use on your android phone which will manage and control your washing at the touch of a button! Some call this Intelligent Sensor Technology.

Programs can include 15 minute washes to do the clothes very quickly if you are in a hurry.

washing machine program controls.

Temperature and spin controls can handle all types of clothes. Special programs are available to take care of woolens where the clothes will be washed more gently and spun at a lower spin speed.

One program is an anti allergy one where clothes get more rinsing to neutralize all allergens. This is good for people who have sensitive skin. I think that is a good feature to have. One machine I read about claims that it gets rid of 99.9% of all the major allergens.

Stain programs can deal with most stubborn stains and distribute the detergent more efficiently to do this.

I have seen a new feature which is a 3D drum to increase water pressure. It has curved paddles and a raised dome to optimize the washing of the clothes. Quite amazing features and no elbow grease here.


When you look at the description of each washing machine for sale it will state the machine’s performance. It will give a rating for energy efficiency, e.g A+ rating and also give the annual estimated energy consumption. Washing performance and spinning performance are mentioned too.

The estimated water consumption will be given in L/cycle. The energy consumption is given in KWh/cycle.

The spin speed of a washing machine is important too.  A high spin speed such as 1400 rpm will keep clothes as crease free as possible. Drying times will be kept to a minimum. It is claimed anyway.

The noise level is also mentioned and this is described as Decibels dB.  Look for how quiet it will be according to that.

Further Information.

Some further things that I can mention to you is that it is important to check whether the washing machine you choose can be built in to your kitchen. You require an integrated one for this. The description on the appliances you view will tell you if it can be built in or not.

Always check the dimensions of the machine too and its weight.

Consider whether you will pick up the appliance from the store or have it delivered. Delivery can cost extra and you can end up paying more for the installation and recycling of your old one.

Other important features include a child lock and overflow protection. Look for manufacturers guarantee which can be 10 years parts and 1 year labor.

Be sure to read the description carefully when you choose a machine. It should be a great appliance to have in your home.

Feel free to give your feedback and opinions.

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