Choosing An American Fridge Freezer

  Choosing An American Fridge Freezer A Review

Here I am going to talk about an American fridge freezer which I have thoroughly reviewed. I have put the description down below for you.

Review of Fridgemaster M591518FFB

Black Side-By-Side American Fridge Freezer By Fridgemaster Buy Here

Price: £524.00 Free Shipping

Freezer Capacity: 177L

Fridge Capacity:339L

Frost Free Freezer

Item Weight:94kg

Product Dimensions: 64.3x91x178.6cm

Capacity Total:566Litres

Form Factor: Side-By-Side

Color: Black Satin Finish

No Batteries Required

LED Lighting

Open Door Alarm

Cable 3ft Long

A+ Energy Rating

1 Year Warranty From Manufacturer

5 Stars 91%

 An Outstanding Fridge Freezer

I love this one as it has excellent ratings and reviews and it also looks good. See for yourself. These reviews often make it easier for you to decide on which one would suit you.

This one is a great addition to any kitchen.

Features of the American Side-by-side fridge freezer

I have discovered many features about this fridge freezer. I have not encountered these before so I want to talk about them here.


It has some safety features and also some for convenience which is good. There is a child safety lock installed to keep out tiny fingers. The built in open door alarm will activate if you leave the door open for a minute or two as well.

It also boasts adjustable feet and side by side doors too for easy opening.

There is holiday mode too but I don’t know how that works.

Practical features

There are some very convenient features on this model.

This fridge freezer comes frost free so you do not have to defrost it and its large capacity of 566 litres makes it very suitable for a large, growing family.

Large families and those who like to cook for guests find it is great for them.

 Super Cool Feature

It has a brilliant cooling feature which will preserve food for longer and this is called Super Cool and Super Freeze. This new technology will freeze foods more quickly and effectively.

There is also the Multi Air Flow feature giving a steady stream  of cool air around the food which will keep the food at a constant, ideal temperature. This will work in both the fridge and the freezer.

Food Fresh

The great thing is that if the power cuts out this fridge freezer can keep foods fresh and frozen for up to ten hours.


This is a fridge freezer with a high satisfaction rating. These reviews I have been reading give an overall picture about this product. I found it to have a high satisfaction rating. It is considered an excellent fridge freezer and a good choice for the price.

People say that they love it and that it is absolutely wonderful. Someone said that the pictures don’t do it justice.

Suits The Kitchen

This is a popular American style fridge freezer that will suit any kitchen decoration well.

Delivery Opinions

This fridge freezer does seem rather large so it is wise to consider whether you will have the space for it.

It had to be squeezed through the doors of some houses on delivery because it comes fully wrapped up. Check the measurements to avoid any problems with this.

It has also been said that the packaging can add inches to it. You may have to tilt it to get it through a doorway. The delivery people should help with this. If you have patio doors or a large entrance then you should be ok.

Prompt Delivery

Usually it is delivered in excellent condition. There is good service and prompt delivery. It is a 5 star service. Customers are kept in touch with what is going on every step of the way. No one has any complaints about the delivery.

The product is found to be just as described and it is recommended to others. It is an amazing  choice and easy to set up.

Right Temperature

It will soon get to the right temperature to use in under an hour so it will also hold the temperature well.

With an excellent capacity it fits the requirements of a large fridge freezer and there  are plenty of shelves and door space. It boasts seven frozen food compartments and small shelves on the door.

There are two thermostats, one for the fridge and one for the freezer. Also, there is an LED touch feature on the door which allows you to change the temperature with one touch.

Most People Are Happy With The Product

In reviews someone said that it was the worst fridge freezer ever because it packed up after two years.

They said that space is limited because  door shelves and vents must be kept clear. They said that this reduces the amount of food that can be stored. They also complained about the salad drawer saying it is flimsy plastic which only lasted four months.

However most people are happy with the product and its convenient features.

One person said that it was the best fridge freezer they have ever had. I think the product quality speaks for itself on delivery. If you are not happy with it then you can ask for it to be taken back.

Ice Cube Twist Tray

Children really like the ice cube twist tray by which they can make their own ice and there is a wine rack/bottle rack for a convenient way to store cold drinks.


Buy Here This American fridge freezer has a lot of positive reviews. It fits well into many kitchens where a large modern fridge freezer is required.

It is a popular style side by side American style fridge freezer in a nice black satin finish. The side by side door opening feature and LED Lighting are very convenient features.  This one boasts adjustable feet for positioning too.

It has a long cable so that it can be positioned better in the kitchen and the frozen food storage compartments are more than adequate.

It will also stay frozen for up to ten hours after there is a power cut which is amazing. The special Super Cool features and Super Freeze technology are great and the Multi Air feature too.

I think it should be noted that the dimensions should be checked and also the delivery requirements. The packaging adds inches to it but it should not be a problem if it can be taken through the door tilted. The delivery people will lift it into place so check these things out first.

This fridge freezer competitively fits the bill with its spacious design and convenient features. It stores fresh and frozen food efficiently and in style. Someone said that all they had to do was to fill the “bad boy”.

If you have any comments on this product please leave them below.

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