Contemporary Area Rugs

  Buying Contemporary Area Rugs

Here I am going to talk about some of the things you need to look out for when buying contemporary area rugs for your home. They are sometimes called this nowadays.

Sometimes they are also known as indoor area rugs. There are a few things that you should know about them and hopefully I will help you to choose the right ones.

It should not be difficult to buy new rugs for the home. Here I will describe what to look for to make it easier for you.

Types Of Rugs

Rug by the Fireplace.

You may have been looking at different types of rugs for sale. This can be confusing at first but once you know what to look for it is easier.

I can tell you that there are many home area rugs out there to choose from including Persian, Oriental, Tribal, Silk, Hand Knotted, Solid, Vintage and Modern. Buy from Amazon. I will break it down so that you know what you need to look for.

Various Shapes And Colors

Area Rugs come in various shapes and colors and they vary in size. Buy from Amazon. There is great variety and choice too when it comes to buying rugs for your home.

I have noticed that contemporary area rugs are very carefully classified but they are not difficult to understand.

Modern To Vintage Style Rugs

There are modern contemporary rugs for the home or you can find more traditional ones such as Vintage, Persian or Oriental rugs. They often come from places such as Turkey or India. Look at the labels when buying rugs.

Details Of Rugs

Rugs for sale display details such as country of origin. The material used to make the rug, its thickness, color and size are also displayed then they give details about whether they are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

 New area rugs have a collection name such as Arcadia. They also tell you what shapes they come in such as rectangle or round and that they do not shed.

Consider if your rugs are going to be used in  high traffic areas where there is a lot of footfall. Are they suitable for this?

There are some rugs called Accent area rugs just to make a statement and match the decor.

Purpose Of The Rug

A dog lying on a blanket which is on a rug.
Dog Lying on a Blanket which is on a Rug.

Think about the purpose that you want a rug for. Buy from Amazon. You might want a comfortable rug to walk barefoot on. These have padding underneath because of this. Children can sit on and play on them. Rugs can cover a cold floor too.

They can have a pile from low to high and can be called a solid rug, flat pile or a deep pile shag rug. There are carved, hand woven or machine made rugs.

Materials Of Rugs

Rugs are often made in natural wool, polyester, silk or poly amide. There are many collections and brands which are all listed in the description. Look for this when buying rugs.

They come in a certain thickness too. Check out which rug is suitable for the room and purpose that you want it for.

 Buying Rugs Fit For Purpose

Think about where the rug will lie on your floor.

You can place a bedroom rug at the bottom of the bed or have a runner (a long narrow rug) either side of the bed.

The colors and styles you choose will be your personal taste. Make sure they are suitable and measure each space correctly. Take into consideration where the furniture will sit in the room.

You might want some floor space around the rug. If it is too small it will not look right either. Your rug needs to fit the space and be right for your room.

It needs to go with your decor. A plain neutral rug may look better with a patterned wallpaper on the wall. A rug may look too big if it is hung on a wall.

Cleaning The Rug

The next thing you want to think about is how to clean the rug. Will it need professional cleaning?  Can you move it to take it to be cleaned? Have you got any allergies? Aim to have it cleaned at least twice a year and especially if it is a light colored rug. It can pick up a lot of dust.

Things to Consider When Buying Rugs

You can buy online then your rug will have details of its guarantee and returns. Delivery such as 30 day returns and free delivery may apply.

Decide how long you are likely to keep the rug. If you buy an expensive one, such as a Persian, it will last for years and you may want to pass it on to your family. If you just want a modern rug to go with your home design you could aim for a cheaper one. You may only want to own it for a short time before changing it.

Style And Taste

Is it your style and personal taste? There are many contemporary rugs such as designer ones like Calvin Klein and Ted Baker. Take your time to really choose one you like because you will have to live with it in the room.

Decide where it will be and what it will look like. Will it have a coffee table, or a table and chairs on it?

 Buying Rugs-Safety

Make sure it will not get stuck under a door and that you will not trip up on it. Fasten down a long runner in the hallway with rug grippers.

Wear And Tear

A deep pile rug will last longer than a basic flat weave one and withstand wear and tear. An area rug can make a room look bigger so aim for a borderless, neutral one for this.

There are thousands of colors and designs online often with bold, bright colors. I think there are many beautiful and practical rugs to choose from.


I hope I have given you an idea as to what to look for and made it a bit easier to decide what to do when buying contemporary area rugs.

You might look more closely at the details such as the brand name, material and type of rug and also its country of origin.

I like the Persian ones as they look stunning but they are expensive. They are real keepers, if looked after properly. I also like those sheepskin rugs which are soft and come in different colors.

Sitting Room with Sofa, Chair, Table And A Rug In the foreground.

  Rugs are a home design statement and will suit your personal style. Enjoy buying rugs. You may also find this useful:…tains-and-blinds ‎

If you want to make any comments about buying rugs  or any contemporary area rugs then feel free to leave them below.  Share to Pinterest.

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  1. Hi Julie, 

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write and publish this blog about buying rugs for your home. I am actually in the process of redesigning my home so rugs have been on my mind. 

    The right rug in the right room can make a massive difference to the look and feel of the room so it is definitely worth taking the time to consider your choices.  You’ve touched on some very important points to consider when looking at rugs. 

    Thanks again Julie. 



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