Dimplex Detroit 2KW Electric Fire

Dimplex Detroit 2KW Electric Fire Freestanding Optiflame Buy Here


You may be looking for an electric fire for your home. Here is the description of this popular Dimplex electric fire which I review here.

Price £169.00 Free delivery in UK

Choice of two heat settings

Choice of real coal or white pebble fuel bed (both included)

Can be used flame only effect

BEAB Approved


5 Stars 77%

Easy to install

Value for money

Dimplex Detroit Optiflame Electric Fire

I want to describe and review this electric fire from Dimplex. It is a very nice fire which looks good and is also good to use so if you are looking for a freestanding electric fire then this one is worth considering.

This fire is stylish and well-made and has a very realistic flame effect and an efficient heat output. It can be used on 1KW or 2KW settings. The controls make for easy access to the heat settings. It is easy to install and looks good too in most sitting rooms and fireplaces.

Rivals A Real Fire

The flame effect rivals a real fire with the Optiflame technology from Dimplex. The white pebbles can be used instead but some people mix the coals and pebbles together. This combination of coals and pebbles together are thought to look like burning ash below a fresh fuel bed. You just pop the coals or pebbles on it and plug it in with no assembly to do. It looks warm even without the fan heater on and the flame effect comforting to watch.

People think that it has a convincing coal and flame effect and that there can’t be a better buy on the market. Dimplex seems to be a highly recommended trader.

A Warm And Cosy Electric Fire

This electric fire seems to make the room quite cosy and is perfect for winter nights while being a useful back-up for central heating on chilly nights. It is thought very cost effective while just using the flame effect. It can be used all year round though and it is a good focal point to a room.

Someone thinks that it looks good in their tall oak surround. Someone else thinks that it goes well with their black wooden surround and brushed steel back panel.

People say that it looks just as good as a real fire without the mess. This fire is stylish and will lift the room on a gloomy day. It is the back light that gives the impression that the fire is real. It also  looks stylish and welcoming while giving a cosy feel to the room.

Thoughts on the features of the Dimplex Detroit Electric Fire

Many people are impressed with this fire and state that they have no regrets in buying it. This fire seems to be a favorite brand. One person says that people think it is a gas fire. It is certainly considered safer than a gas fire.

There are similar ones in DIY centers but they are more expensive. Someone says that they chose this one after looking at others because it shows the most realistic flame effect.

It is a fire that can modernize a living room or dining room and give them a really warm feel. Someone is happy with it as they have bought it for their 90 year old mother. She is impressed with it.

Heat Settings

The heat settings are more than adequate and you can leave the flame effect running and still feel warm. The heat comes from a fan heater which was thought to be a bit noisy by some people but not by others. It makes a typical fan heater noise which not too many people complain about although some people think it is quiet when on. One person said that even their Jack Russell dog loves stretching out in front of it.

Delivery Of The Fire

There are no complaints with the delivery of this type of fire. It always comes well packaged and the delivery is fast and also it is easy to order. Sometimes it arrives in one day. There is also an excellent friendly service.

It does not get battered in transit and can be unpacked, up and running in no time. It also is exactly as shown and as described. One person says that it is a good price, good service and that they would buy it again. Someone else bought another one for another room in their home so they have actually purchased two of them.

Look Of Fire

Now I want to talk a bit about the views of how this electric fire looks.

The fire comes with a chrome effect front. One person thinks that it looks a bit too shiny but that it will dull down after a while. Another person thinks that it looks cheap and plastic but most people refute that in reviews. They thought that it does not look cheap but is actually very stylish. It is better than they expected and looks good with their surround. Even though the chrome isn’t metal it does look real.

It is thought to be better than previous Dimplex fires that they have bought. I think that it needs to be plastic as real chrome would disintegrate and rust so looking a mess after a while.

There is a one-year guarantee on this product and there is a slip in the box to send off for it.


This fire fits flat to the back of the hearth and it is freestanding so there is no assembly required. It is easy to install with no fuss and it has a 41/2 feet long flex to plug it in with.

The fire is considered very sturdy and cheap to burn with the two power settings. It can heat the room up very quickly and then it can be switched off and the flame effect will keep you feeling warm.

Goes With Décor In The Room

The fire looks great and enhances the fireplace too. Some people use the pebbles as they think that they go better with their decor. It is a good focal point to a room, enhances the decor and is practical too. People buy this fire just for the look of it because it is so stylish even though their central heating keeps them warm. It looks good when off but is better when the fire light is on.


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Dimplex Fires

Some people say that they will choose Dimplex always and would recommend them. It is considered a good value for money electric fire.

I want to get one of these too even though I have a good Dimplex stove. I just want a change. It also is reasonably priced and it looks good, keeps you warm and you don’t have to install it or anything.

Heat Efficient

This fire is safe, heat efficient with the two settings and has a choice of fuel bed. It has realistic flames and goes with any fireplace.

It will not take up too much room and it is a good focal point in any sitting room. You can also set it to come on without any problem. If the room temperature is warmer then it won’t come on, saving you money. The heat is good from it and it quickly warms a room up. This is a good boost to any central heating system. I think that it does not often get really cold these days but it can be used on its own to keep a room cosy. You do not even need to keep the fan running.

It looks fabulous when on or off.

You can mix the coals and pebbles too or use them separately. The coals are real. It is also cost effective for just the flame effect. An all round good fire. See also: goyourhomeimprovementsi.com/how-to-buy-an-electric-fire

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