How To Buy A Floor Lamp

How To Buy A Floor Lamp

Here I am going to review a floor lamp which I quite like. It is the Qianguang indoor lighting 1.6m wood floor lamp.

You may or may not have purchased a floor lamp before so I hope that this review will help you.

Qianguang Indoor Lighting 1.6m Wood Floor Lamp

I have put the description down below for you.

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Style: Modern.


Dimensions: 25.9cm x 25.9cm x 160cm.

Material: Wood.

Energy Saving.

No Batteries.

LED Irradiated Area: 30 square meters.

On/Off Switch On Cable

With Shelves, For Bedroom And Living Room.


Price: £88.88 Free Delivery.

5 Stars 81%

Easy To Assemble.

The Qianguang Indoor Lighting Wood Floor Lamp.

You may be wondering how to buy a floor lamp and what things to look for in deciding on the right one. This one is a unique Chinese lamp. I hope that you find this review useful. I have tried to include all the details about it for you as best I can.

Many people who have purchased it just love this lamp and it has a lot of positive comments. I loved it on first sight. This ideal lamp comes highly recommended for any modern home. It will not disappoint you.

Good In Any Room

This is a floor lamp for use in most rooms in the home while being practical and stylish. It looks equally good in a lounge, dining room or bedroom. You can use it as an end table or put it in a corner to give out extra light. This really is a piece of furniture with a built in light.

Features Of The Lamp

This floor lamp comes with handy shelves to place your useful items on. Some people place items like books, glasses, air freshener, or candles on them.

It will give extra lighting either in  a corner or by the side of your bed, useful as a decorative lamp and also convenient for storage.


You will have to assemble it yourself but it can be put together very easily in a matter of minutes. You won’t have problems or difficulties in doing this. It is easy to assemble, even for a novice and there are instructions that are easy to follow. Someone said that they put it together in 15 minutes.

 A Floor Lamp That Looks Good In The Home

This lamp appears sturdy and will stand tall in any corner of the room. It will give great ambiance and a contemporary feel to the home.

Some people think that it looks pretty and are very pleased with their purchase. They think it is a lovely light and also good value for money.

The lamp is very white but you can get this lamp in different colors. I think there is a black one but it looks good in either color.


The bulb can be changed to suit your requirements. It uses an E27 Cap Type bulb. It can take an incandescent bulb, an E27 Energy Saving bulb or an E27 LED bulb. The bulb has to be purchased separately though.

It has a long cable, which can be switched on by the foot with an on/off switch. One person put the cable inside it somehow and uses a metal pull cord just under the middle section of the light. I am not sure about this. You would need to check it out in the instructions provided.


The vertical storage space is described as a Layer 4 Unique Vertical Storage Rack Space. It provides Useful Indoor Lighting and Decorative Storage. Do not get confused by this. It is shelves with a floor lamp.

It can withstand a weight of up to 20kg. I don’t think you will weigh everything that you place on it.

A Useful Lamp

I think that it is useful to have a floor lamp with storage space. This is more convenient than having the light and storage separate. It saves space. The light and your items are together in one place while it is stylish and elegant too.

It is the right height for glasses, kindle and a phone. At night you can easily read before bed.


The bulb creates a soft, diffused light and it does not blind you in the morning. Many people like this.

It does have a parchment shade. Someone thought this looked cheap but it can easily be replaced for another shade if you prefer. The picture of the lamp in the description shows what it is like.


You can miss out the middle shelf to make the lamp shorter but most people prefer it at the height that it is.

Photos show off well on the white shelves.

The power cable clips on the back and it isn’t a problem as it is a sensible length.

It is considered a beautiful and very different lamp. You may find it appealing if you like Chinese style lamps.


The main point about the assembly of this floor lamp is that it is quite easy to do. It does not take long whether you are an experienced DIY person or a novice.

It has good instructions that are easy to read. The shelves can be put to what height you want too.

You can choose which bulb you want which will give the right ambiance.

People say that the diagrams are easy to follow and everything fits the way its supposed to do.

Useful For Holidays

It comes with a European adapter and it is useful for holidays.


People are pleasantly surprised at the quality of the packaging, the instructions and the sturdiness of the result.

You will easily be able to manage the assembly.  I do not know if it needs screws or how it is put together though.

Someone was impressed with the packaging and said it was just right with no waste.

The instructions are simple and there is 12 months of free maintenance on it if you do have any problems.


After reading the reviews I came to the conclusion that this is a very stylish and popular floor lamp. Buy Here It seems practical, not too heavy either. It will create a warm lighting atmosphere in your room while you can read with the light at night. I don’t think it will be too bright and glaring in your eyes.

This floor lamp shows off items such as photos, candles and ornaments well. It is quite a practical lamp. Glasses, books and other personal items can be stored on it. It is useful by the bed or couch.

It’s easy to put together and the right height and can be adjusted if need be.

The cable can be clipped up out-of-the-way so that you do not trip up over it.

I think it is a good modern design floor lamp and it is worth trying. It is better than buying shelves separately and putting a lamp on top which could fall off.

I had to stick Velcro on the bottom of my lamp to keep it on the shelf!  I would much prefer this combination floor lamp which is great for storage too.

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