How To Buy A Fridge Freezer

 A Fridge Freezer-How To Buy

Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer

You may have moved house and been thinking of buying a  fridge freezer for it. You may decide that you need a new one at home where you are. I think before you choose a new fridge freezer it is best to learn about the features of the latest modern ones available.

Your Old Fridge Freezer

First have a look at your present fridge freezer. Look for signs of rust and wear and also if the drawers are cracked or the shelves are damaged. Can you fit everything inside it that you wish to store? Is it frost free? Do you have to struggle with built up ice that you have to keep defrosting away? If you want to get another one and know how to buy a fridge freezer to suit your needs then read on.

My Fridge Freezer

Our fridge freezer was still working when we decided to part with it. I don’t know why I kept hanging onto it. I was having to defrost and scrape it out every so often.

It had broken drawer fronts and had problems storing all our food properly, without it dropping out. It was only when we actually started browsing other fridge freezers, that were new, that we thought of replacing it. Our next door neighbors got a new one and we just realized one day that we needed to replace ours too.

We were surprised how many features that the new modern ones have and the types that you can get. They do vary in price quite a bit. There are some that you can buy for a reasonable price and that are not too expensive.

Not Just A Fridge Freezer

They really are not just a fridge freezer. We were at first fed up of squashing all the food into the few drawers so we bought a freezer which fills the gap in the spare bedroom.

The idea was to store a few extra frozen things and put some ice-cream in there, that otherwise would not fit in the fridge freezer. However, it got stocked up too much with food and the noise it made was tremendous. It sounded like a herd of elephants in an angry mood. It settled down after a while.

We did purchase a new fridge freezer and we find it has suitable capacity for us and it is frost free and not noisy. So you see it is better to know what you are looking for.

Features Of New Fridge Freezers

I am going to talk about the important features of new fridge freezers here. When you look for them in shops or online you will see that there are various brands of fridge freezers available. Many are really good brands such as Bosch but you need to look carefully at the descriptions about each fridge freezer.

Decide if it will meet your needs. The second thing is the price, some large American fridge freezers can be over 1,000 pounds although they tend to be in sales and discounted quite a lot.


Fridge freezers come in different colors these days and not just the typical white ones.  You will maybe want to choose a black one or silver one. Decide if it will fit in with your other appliances. Some people like to have them hidden away in a cupboard so then the color would not really matter.

The next thing is the size of the appliance. What would suit you? A really large fridge freezer or a mini fridge freezer?

If there are a lot of members in your family then you will want to go for a large one with a big capacity. The capacity comes in liters. Each appliance will tell you this in its description along with the dimensions. It really needs to fit into the right space in the kitchen so choose wisely on this.

The doors on some fridge freezers can be adjusted to open on the right or left side to help you with finding space for it. Some fridge freezer doors lie side by side to help with opening them.

Integrated Fridge Freezers

Some fridge freezers are described as integrated which means that they have the freezer built into them along with the fridge part. Ours has the freezer part below the fridge but some have the freezer part above the fridge. I think for someone who has problems with bending down such as with a bad back then the freezer at the top is ideal.


Look carefully for a fridge freezer for a small space as you will not be able to have a large American freezer if that is what your looking for. When it is delivered you will want it to fit straight into the required space and two men will need to lift and maneuver a large one. The delivery is therefore important so check out fast, free delivery. There can also be next day delivery and in some cases you can get the old one removed and the new one installed. Sometimes you will see that there are free returns should you have a problem with it. Some are under good guarantees too of around two years. Keep your receipt of purchase and fill out any guarantee information required.

In The Kitchen

A fridge freezer in the kitchen means that you will not have to go out to a garage or a spare room to fetch your frozen items when you want to cook something. They are well-built, reliable and energy efficient. The energy rating will be displayed in the manufacturers descriptions e.g A+ rating that can mean it has a good power consumption for each year. This will be displayed too such as 436kwh/year.

A fridge freezer freezes because of a built in thermostat which controls the temperature and passes the power to the compressor and fans. This can be adjustable. Some have a fridge which has super cooling to briefly reduce the temperature to quickly chill foods when they are first put in the fridge. Look for other technical specifications such as the capacity of the fridge and the freezer. For example, fridge- 380L, freezer- 288L. The larger the better for all your food.

They will have adjustable shelves too should you wish to store tall items. Some items like milk can be stored in the door too. Vegetables can be kept crisp and fresh and stored safely. Look for the number of compartments and door shelves.

Types Of Fridge Freezer

Colored Fridge Freezer With Freezer Space At The Top.

The manufacturer will give the height, width and depth in mm and tell you the other specifications of the appliance. There are some great features besides frost free. These include safety glass shelves, electronic display and anti finger print. Some have an ice and water dispenser to deliver crushed ice, ice cubes or cold water at the press of a button. Others have features to keep the food fresh for up to twice as long by providing low temperatures and optimalhumidity, such as for fruit and vegetables.

There are door alarms so that you won’t forget to shut the door. You can get ones with antibacterial door seals to stop bacteria from entering the fridge. Chrome wine racks store soft drinks and wine easily and clear freezer fronts help identify foods.

A fridge freezer can therefore be a joy to have in your home with new modern features that make them very convenient.  The A+ rating helps keep energy bills down.

Many impressive new features mean the fridge freezer has advanced like many appliances today. I hope that you find the right one for you. You may like this too- click here…n-fridge-freezer ‎

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