How To Buy An Electric Fire

What To Look For When Choosing Electric Fires

I am going to talk about how to buy an electric fire. First of all you may be considering getting an electric fire rather than a gas one. The main thing that you will look for is the level of heat you want for your room to keep it warm. Electric fires have the advantage of simulating a real fire without any hassle, smoke or mess. They are safer to use than gas fires or lighting a real fire.

Styles Of Electric Fires

Electric fires are very fashionable today. There is a large range of styles and a few types too. You may or may not know something about them. They boast many new features nowadays. I am going to discuss them here.

First Things To Consider

Choose which room you require a fire for. Decide which part of the room the fire will sit in. Some freestanding electric fires can even sit in a corner of the room.

The first thing to decide is whether you want a fire which will sit in an existing fireplace or a freestanding one. The freestanding one is better placed on a hearth so you could buy that as well.

Regardless of the fire you choose you must measure the center of your fireplace( if you have one) to make sure it fits. Fires can be situated horizontally or vertically depending on the style. Look at where the cable will go too, where will you plug it in? The cable comes in a certain length, e.g 1.5 meters.

Look at some fires for sale to get an idea about the styles and specifications of each one. You will notice that there are typical brands for sale. These are Dimplex, who do a wide range varying in price, Focal Point and Akershus to name a few. I have only really heard of Dimplex and I own one of these.

Types Of Fires

There are different types of fires. Some sit in your existing fireplace and some come complete with a fireplace. These are known as electric fireplaces or suites. Some do not need a fireplace at all. The heat source is from a fan heater, typically a 1000w and a 2000w setting.

electric fireplace

It is possible to get a freestanding electric fire or a stove. Inset electric fires can be built into the center of your fireplace as a permanent feature.

Wall mounted fires often come with a 3D LED back light. Some of these change colors from your remote control. The remote control also controls the heat setting. This may be 1000w or 2000w. The flame effect can be used independently of the heat source. You are able to dim the flame effect with the remote on some models. This allows for a duller flame for cosy winter nights.

Electric fires are designed to have the look of a real fire. They mimic it by looking like burning coal, wood or natural gas. These fires are obviously safer than the real thing. They even come with overheat protection where they will safely cut out, thermal cut off function.

Amazing Fires

These days an electric fire is not just a fire. I think that they have many new amazing features. One thing that you can do is you can program the fire from a remote control. There is a seven-day timer on some models. You are able to time it to come on at a certain time to warm the home. This feature allows you to return home to a warm sitting room with the fire on.

There are no harmful emissions from these fires and no mess. You can simply plug them in and get instant heat with a real fire look. They feature a built in quiet fan heater as the heat source. You are able to operate them from switches on the fire or the remote control. The switches are often discreetly hidden.

The Look Of The Fire

Now I will tell you about the different looks you are able to buy in electric fires. I have seen wall mounted fires with curved tempered glass fronts. You can enjoy a 3D dancing flame and some models change the color of the flame.

You are able to use pebbles on some fires for the fuel bed. Some come with interchangeable log effect and coals. Sometimes pebbles or coals. Mine has real coals or a log effect.

It really is close to a real fire at the push of a button. They look like real fires with no smoke.

Some have 5 level brightness flame effect. Another good feature on some stoves is that they can be 360 degrees. This means that you can see all round the fire with the open sides. This would be suitable in the middle of a large room. I saw a curved panoramic electric stove heater with dimmable, LED log fire flame effect.

Space saving, vertical wall hung fires can be purchased. These direct the eyes to the real fire look in the center.

Another fire I saw was a two door log effect stove fire with a 180 degree window. There is good viewing of the fuel bed so it is not just heat that they give out. A three sided open mesh door one will give a full view.

They often come in classical or vintage design and are quite elegant. Modern contemporary ones are too. Stove pipes can be purchased to complete the look of a stove.

Some fires can be wall mounted with detachable spacers if these are provided with the product. Check out all the specifications on each product.

Brass Effect

Electric fires are made in colors to match your room. They may just be black or white. Some may have a brass or chrome effect.

Decide on the look for your room. Do you want a traditional or a modern look? Look at a few fires before you decide. The prices really vary too. I think the more expensive ones are real brass or cast iron.

There are variations in the size of these fires too so decide what size would be appropriate for your room. I do not think that you would like a small one in a big fireplace. I think when you see the right fire you will know what one you want.


I hope that I have given you some ideas on buying an electric fire. I think that they have come a long way in design in recent years. There are now some good features.

They have quieter fans and 3D fuel beds. They are optimized to look like a real fire burning. Some have a modern twist in that they can change color too with the LED flame effect. It is good that they are dimmable to achieve ambiance.

There is a built in digital thermostat for precise temperature control. You can save money on a heating schedule. Warming the room at the right time through a 7-day timer is now possible.

I like the 3 sided open mesh doors on the stoves which provide an all round view of the fuel bed. I like the fact that they come in vintage or modern designs to complement the look of your home. The different looks of coal, log or pebbles in the fuel bed are good too.

I hope that you like my information on electric fires.

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