What To Look For When Buying A Bed

         How to Buy A Good Bed

Are you ready to change your bed or a few beds in your home? This can be a daunting task. You will want to purchase a bed that is comfortable as you want to sleep on it for a few years to come. Today I want to explore and bring together what to look for when buying a bed. I have recently purchased one myself. A few things we focused on were the size of the bed (we have always had a king size) and the brand that we were happy with before. We also chose a pillow top as we had owned one before and found it comfortable. However, some manufacturers, including this one change their product quite often and the beds are often altered and named differently than before. I do not recommend going for a similar bed you owned without checking it out first, ours has a firmer mattress than we were expecting.

Getting on to other things about beds I will firstly talk about the different descriptions and specifications of beds. I recommend that you read them carefully as your final choice of bed has to be exactly what you need. Beds come in various sizes ranging from small for children to very large for big adults.

These sizes are: 2’6, a very small single bed.

3’0, a single bed.

4’0, a small double bed.

4’6, a double bed.

5’0, a king-size bed.

5’2, EU king-size bed.

6’0, super king-size bed.

As well as bed sizes you have to think about a base. They come in lots of different types such as a metal bed frame, a pine bed with a slatted base, a divan bed and a bunk bed. There are also brand names to think about and you may know some more popular one’s which are Myers, Silentnight, Sealy, Serta and Tempurpedic. You may be interested in a bed that you like the look of such as an upholstered bed. I think the most important thing, after size, when choosing a bed is the mattress, it just has to be the right one especially if you have a bad back.

Types of Bed

There are many types of bed to consider including adjustable one’s. Adjustable one’s can be operated by controls using electricity and these will raise the head or the foot of the bed to give maximum comfort. If you have a bad back or are sick you may want to relieve pressure on your neck and shoulders. Think carefully about if one of these would be right for you. You may want to discuss it with a bed specialist first and ask your doctor if this will help you. Think also about the height of the bed, you will not want one too low down if you have difficulty getting up. Some adjustable beds can raise up and down too. The hospital one’s tend to have memory foam mattresses on them for comfort. Always seek a specialist if you want to purchase a special bed or mattress to see if it is right for you.


There are so many types of mattress to choose from and that is not by accident. Each one is designed for individual preferences. Mattresses can be firm, orthopedic, medium firm, open coil, pocket sprung or memory foam and pillow top. Always read the specifications on these and do not rely on a firm bed or an orthopedic one to be right for your back problem. Research suggests that a medium firm mattress is better for a bad back and just because a firm one is described as being suitable doesn’t mean it is. The medical profession has not verified the bed manufacturer’s labels. A pillow top bed may seem comfortable to a heavier person to cushion against the springs. Some beds have a comfort guarantee which means that you can try out the bed for a short time and decide if it suits you. Look for a bed with a good warranty too which is ten years in a most cases. When,you look in the bed’s description check out the reviews to see what the positive one’s are about the bed. Also checks the return’s policy for shipping in case it does have to be returned and you have to pay for it. You really need to consider getting the best mattress that you can afford, after all you have to sleep on it. Do not forget to use a mattress protector over your new mattress as this will protect against stains which invalidates the warranty.

A Third Of Your Life Is Spent In Bed

As this title states and the saying goes around a third of your life is spent in bed. It means a long time obviously. This means that you might want to make a fashion statement with your new bed. Beds can be bought as part of collections nowadays and they come with matching drawers or bedside tables. You can get bases that are upholstered for real luxury and elegance and beds in colors such as Navy or Grey to go with your room decor. There are also leather beds, sleigh beds and one’s in antique style wooden frames like traditional oak, which will not go out of style. Have a good look at styles that you prefer but remember that comfort comes first. You can choose your headboard on a divan and the frame one’s may have a headboard      and a footboard.            We used to have an upholstered headboard on a divan which used to gather dust. It was not good for my bad chest so we ended up switching to a metal headboard which is stylish, easy to clean and does not gather half the dust. Bear this in mind when choosing one. Sometimes beds come anti-allergenic and environmentally friendly.

Decide where in the bedroom your new bed will go and measure your space making room for any drawers or bedside tables you want next to it. Storage beds with drawers come in handy for storing bed linen, pillows and throws etc. You can also get ottoman beds that lift up giving even more space. My sister had one of these years ago and it was heavy to lift up but I think now that they are hydraulic so check on this too. Some beds have legs including mid support one’s too. Another thing you might want to note is how you are going to clean the bed. The one’s with wooden or metal frames will only need wiping with a damp cloth which is hygienic.


Beds will add style and character to your room as well as being very comfortable to sleep in. Nowadays we can purchase a bed to suit everyone from a small child to a big adult. Some children’s beds can be fun cabin beds or mid sleepers. Beds can be elegant such as the chenille or velvet upholstered one’s. I liked those when I saw them. I forgot to mention four-poster beds but I think we mainly think of them as being for posh historic hotels or stately homes. I think you would need to experience a few nights first on one of those.    

Be prepared before buying a bed. Do not just jump in as it really has to be right for your comfort. If you have been used to a medium firm mattress then you might not feel comfortable on a firm one. A bed needs layers of padding and cushioning if it is a sprung base so opt for a good quality bed. Check the description and specifications carefully and remember the dimensions, delivery information, warranty and return’s information has to suit you or you may face problems. Always check that it is flame retardant, this is important and it should be. The bed frame may need assembly so look for that and consider if you can do it. I think as long as you checks the details and are happy with those and the price then you will purchase a good bed to add some sparkle and comfort to your bedroom. Sweet dreams, Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com

Contemporary Area Rugs

  Buying Contemporary Area Rugs

Here I am going to talk about some of the things you need to look out for when buying contemporary area rugs for your home. They are sometimes called this nowadays.

Sometimes they are also known as indoor area rugs. There are a few things that you should know about them and hopefully I will help you to choose the right ones.

It should not be difficult to buy new rugs for the home. Here I will describe what to look for to make it easier for you.

Types Of Rugs

Rug by the Fireplace.

You may have been looking at different types of rugs for sale. This can be confusing at first but once you know what to look for it is easier.

I can tell you that there are many home area rugs out there to choose from including Persian, Oriental, Tribal, Silk, Hand Knotted, Solid, Vintage and Modern. Buy from Amazon. I will break it down so that you know what you need to look for.

Various Shapes And Colors

Area Rugs come in various shapes and colors and they vary in size. Buy from Amazon. There is great variety and choice too when it comes to buying rugs for your home.

I have noticed that contemporary area rugs are very carefully classified but they are not difficult to understand.

Modern To Vintage Style Rugs

There are modern contemporary rugs for the home or you can find more traditional ones such as Vintage, Persian or Oriental rugs. They often come from places such as Turkey or India. Look at the labels when buying rugs.

Details Of Rugs

Rugs for sale display details such as country of origin. The material used to make the rug, its thickness, color and size are also displayed then they give details about whether they are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

 New area rugs have a collection name such as Arcadia. They also tell you what shapes they come in such as rectangle or round and that they do not shed.

Consider if your rugs are going to be used in  high traffic areas where there is a lot of footfall. Are they suitable for this?

There are some rugs called Accent area rugs just to make a statement and match the decor.

Purpose Of The Rug

A dog lying on a blanket which is on a rug.
Dog Lying on a Blanket which is on a Rug.

Think about the purpose that you want a rug for. Buy from Amazon. You might want a comfortable rug to walk barefoot on. These have padding underneath because of this. Children can sit on and play on them. Rugs can cover a cold floor too.

They can have a pile from low to high and can be called a solid rug, flat pile or a deep pile shag rug. There are carved, hand woven or machine made rugs.

Materials Of Rugs

Rugs are often made in natural wool, polyester, silk or poly amide. There are many collections and brands which are all listed in the description. Look for this when buying rugs.

They come in a certain thickness too. Check out which rug is suitable for the room and purpose that you want it for.

 Buying Rugs Fit For Purpose

Think about where the rug will lie on your floor.

You can place a bedroom rug at the bottom of the bed or have a runner (a long narrow rug) either side of the bed.

The colors and styles you choose will be your personal taste. Make sure they are suitable and measure each space correctly. Take into consideration where the furniture will sit in the room.

You might want some floor space around the rug. If it is too small it will not look right either. Your rug needs to fit the space and be right for your room.

It needs to go with your decor. A plain neutral rug may look better with a patterned wallpaper on the wall. A rug may look too big if it is hung on a wall.

Cleaning The Rug

The next thing you want to think about is how to clean the rug. Will it need professional cleaning?  Can you move it to take it to be cleaned? Have you got any allergies? Aim to have it cleaned at least twice a year and especially if it is a light colored rug. It can pick up a lot of dust.

Things to Consider When Buying Rugs

You can buy online then your rug will have details of its guarantee and returns. Delivery such as 30 day returns and free delivery may apply.

Decide how long you are likely to keep the rug. If you buy an expensive one, such as a Persian, it will last for years and you may want to pass it on to your family. If you just want a modern rug to go with your home design you could aim for a cheaper one. You may only want to own it for a short time before changing it.

Style And Taste

Is it your style and personal taste? There are many contemporary rugs such as designer ones like Calvin Klein and Ted Baker. Take your time to really choose one you like because you will have to live with it in the room.

Decide where it will be and what it will look like. Will it have a coffee table, or a table and chairs on it?

 Buying Rugs-Safety

Make sure it will not get stuck under a door and that you will not trip up on it. Fasten down a long runner in the hallway with rug grippers.

Wear And Tear

A deep pile rug will last longer than a basic flat weave one and withstand wear and tear. An area rug can make a room look bigger so aim for a borderless, neutral one for this.

There are thousands of colors and designs online often with bold, bright colors. I think there are many beautiful and practical rugs to choose from.


I hope I have given you an idea as to what to look for and made it a bit easier to decide what to do when buying contemporary area rugs.

You might look more closely at the details such as the brand name, material and type of rug and also its country of origin.

I like the Persian ones as they look stunning but they are expensive. They are real keepers, if looked after properly. I also like those sheepskin rugs which are soft and come in different colors.

Sitting Room with Sofa, Chair, Table And A Rug In the foreground.

  Rugs are a home design statement and will suit your personal style. Enjoy buying rugs. You may also find this useful:

 http://goyourhomeimprovementsi.com/window-coverings…tains-and-blinds ‎

If you want to make any comments about buying rugs  or any contemporary area rugs then feel free to leave them below.

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Morphy Richards Accents Pan Set A Review

Morphy Richards Accents Pan Set A Review

Here I am going to talk about a pan set. Take a look below at my review and see what you think of it.

 Pan SetDescription

Morphy Richards Accent Pan Set, Stainless Steel.

Color: Black

5 piece

Price: £79.99 free delivery

sizes: 16/18/20cm saucepans, 14cm milk pan, 24cm fry pan with 8mm encapsulated bases.

Tempered glass lids.

10 year guarantee

Suitable for all hobs including induction.

48% 5 star rating.

It comes well wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box.

Review of Product

One feature of this pan set is that it comes well packaged. Buy from Amazon.

This pan set looks good in any kitchen and some people think that it looks too good to hide away.


It comes with a fry pan of decent size. The set includes saucepans. Each pan set is complete with a milk  pan and frying pan.

They are described as a Non-stick range so they are better to use and clean.

Some people say that the frying pan is non-stick. Other people describe them as not being non-stick and ‘satin coated.’ The description with the pans states that they are all non-stick though.


Unfortunately the fry pan does not have a lid. A lot of frying pans do not have lids but the larger  pan in the range does have one.

Cleaning Pans

It is important to clean these pans before use and to dry them thoroughly. Apply a little cooking oil to each pan then wipe it off. This will condition the inner coating of the pans.


Some people are wary of the pans as they think they can be easily damaged. The outside coating is said to come off some of them. However this refers to the red coating, sometimes the cream one. The instructions state that they should not be washed in a dishwasher. This should probably be adhered to.

I think it is important to read the instruction paper for the pans anyway.

Filling The Saucepans

One requirement is that you can only fill a saucepan half full with water. I have these pans and a saucepan started to spit water but I did overfill it a bit.

There is some opinion that the water comes from the handle joints on the pan. Other views are that the pans work great.


You can give these pans a try as they are considered good value for money. They do not perform as well as more expensive pans but they do have a long guarantee. You may also replace them if there is a problem.

These pans are strong and light and can be hung up from hooks in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel Pan Sets

There are minor complaints of water marks. These formed in the stainless steel ones and caused some pans to be discolored. However they are hardy pans and I have had no problem with that.


They are easy to clean. Please do not place them in a dishwasher or wash them with anything abrasive. This seems obvious.  Do not let them boil dry.

Reviews Of Pan Set

Someone said that these were only their second set of pans in 30 years. Other people say that they are good quality, easy to clean and look good. They come in beautiful colors that match their kitchens.

Some people said that the handles leak after a while as they are not sealed. Others have not know that. It is thought that the pans have long handles too.

They are considered hot when cooking. They are stainless steel and the instructions warn of this. You can always use a tea towel to hold them. Some people got a rubber cover for them, though I am not sure what that is. The lids are vented to lessen steam in the kitchen.

Pan Set Range

There are other items in the range available which look amazing together in the kitchen.

These well-built pans are a fair price. They have a good size frying pan in the set and they wash and function well.

They will wash well without smearing and function well for a time. I think it depends on how you treat them. If there is a problem with them they are quickly replaced.

It is better than spending lots of money on a pan set. I have not had mine long but I think that I will get my money’s worth.

When you have the lids on they will save energy. You should keep the heat down too when using them. My potatoes boil quite well. I do not think maximum heat is great for any pan.

They are light and heat up well. Be careful using them on induction hobs though.  Someone said a pan ignited, however they had got oil in it.

These pans distribute the heat evenly along the bottom of them and heat up quickly. It is not necessary to keep them on a high heat. The frying pan has high sides to prevent splashing which is a good thing.

We need to use discretion whatever pans we use.


I think that there are good and bad reviews for these pans. They seem almost 50:50 on them.

They do seem to be a fair price for all those pans. It is better than spending a lot of money per pan.

I think they are definitely worth a try. They look good in the kitchen and are easy to clean.

The fry pans do have a non-stick coating.  If the instructions are followed correctly and they are kept out of the dishwasher, they should look and function fine.

There is a very long guarantee anyway of ten years on this product.


Morphy Richards does have a good reputation on other products too, such as toasters.

I would recommend the black pans. I have those. The red coating is said to come off and the cream gets discolored.

They should perform well. If they do not then go for expensive pans later.

We should just be aware that they heat up quickly and evenly. We should not have them on high heat. They will simmer. They can save energy too.


Do not let children use these pans because of hot handles. These handles are a feature of this kind of pan.

We should use a cloth to hold them just as we do with a baking tray. I have not found the handles to get really hot. Be careful anyway.

Many people do like these pans though.

Be sure to fill in the details for the guarantee to get it for a long time.

You have nothing to lose when trying these pans. Morphy Richards will answer any questions you have concerning them. There are some lengthy reviews here which I have focused on. I have covered a lot of the details about these pans.

I hope you have enjoyed this review.

If you have any questions about the Morphy Richards Pan Set or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.


Curtains And Blinds- Window Coverings

  Curtains And Blinds

I am going to talk here a bit about home window coverings-  curtains and blinds. They can make a difference to our homes in so many ways. We all need to cover our windows whether with curtains or a type of blind. We can be as creative as we want to be in doing so.

There are so many lovely styles, patterns and colours to choose from. They really will make any room look different and compliment it’s look.

Choosing New Curtains

Curtain with tassels and lady holding up a net.
Curtains and Net.

When you are in the process of changing the look of your room you may want to invest in new curtains. They come in  different styles and fabrics so you need to know where to start.


The first thing you will need to do is to measure up your window for width and length.

You will have an idea about where you want to hang your new curtains. Usually most people use a curtain pole so this has to be chosen and properly fitted. If you have some idea of how to hang the curtains that is fine.

Look in shops that sell curtains and accessories. You will be amazed with the variety nowadays. There are poles in different materials and sizes. Some are thick, some thin and you can get different decorative ends for them. These contribute to the look of the room and can compliment décor and lighting perfectly.

You can fit them yourself or get in an expert fitter. It is advisable to get a fitter for large high windows or any that you cannot reach safely on your own.

Sometimes you may need separate curtain panels for a large window. You can buy as many as you need and fit them side by side. I personally would have vertical strip blinds fitted. These can be expensive but will actually last a long time. They will provide complete privacy. They will look good in any room and there is a wide choice of them nowadays too.

Window Treatments

There are many new home window coverings not just curtains. They are sometimes referred to as window treatments. Blinds are fashionable and look good too.

Curtains are the most varied treatments. They come in different colors, patterns, types and styles. They even have their own style names.

Curtains And Blinds-Fabrics

Curtains and blinds come in a few different fabrics including cotton, velour and nylon. Buy from Amazon. They often come lined or unlined, sheer, thin, thick and opaque.


Blackout curtains boast the ability to keep out the moonlight, street lamps at night and sunlight by day.

If you want privacy at night when the light is on then you need lined, opaque curtains. A thin voile will be OK to keep privacy when it is daylight.  Nets are also nice thin curtains which do this and can be added to the inside of the window on a thin rod.


Many Colorful arched windows on the front of a building.
Colorful Windows

You probably have different windows in each room. They may be big Bay windows, small glazed ones in the bathroom and small short ones in the kitchen. There can also be glazed doors and patio windows.

Take a look at what type of window that you wish to get new curtains for.

Window Size

Note any previous curtains for size and always measure the window. Some curtains look good when they are floor length particularly in a bedroom.

It can be a good idea to have a look at some pictures online of different curtains.

Floor length curtains are fashionable and also look good. They come in different styles, designs and colors. They may be plain or floral patterned.

Some styles even boast a name so that you can identify them when you want to buy. You can make a statement and give a new-look to your room. .

Types of Headings

Curtains can have different types of headings including tab top, pencil pleat top, slot top and eyelet. These correspond to the way that the curtains are hung. You will need hooks for the curtains with heading tape.

Most common nowadays is the eyelet or ring top ones. Make sure that they are properly fitted on the pole and can slide across easily. These seem to be less hassle to fit than the ones with hooks.

Look around and pick your curtain look with your preferred heading type and pole. Ask questions where you purchase them from if you are not sure about it.


I have talked about the different things to look out for when buying curtains and blinds. They are not just functional but they can completely alter a room.

It is good that they can be used on their own or with a net or voile on the inside of the window.

They will not stop being a style statement any time now. They come in many colors and designs.

Your Taste

Many curtains are heavy and opaque, lined or sheer for your taste. Buy from Amazon.

You can have short curtains to your windowsill or long ones to your floor.

Along with tiebacks and poles in different types too they can be as bold and defined as you like.

It doesn’t matter if you get expensive or cheap ones as it is your look and taste that counts.

You may want ready-made or made to measure curtains. There is always advice available to help you decide.

I think viewing pictures online of curtains in the room you want to do gives you an idea. You can also note where the furniture is in relation to the window and how that looks.

Now you are thinking about it and not just picking up a pack of curtains.

They are truly a decor  statement. Experiment with moving the curtains to another room which takes the same size ones as your other room.

Wash old curtains with a mild detergent and allow to drip-dry.  They can be put away and used somewhere else in the home.

Curtains can be donated or swapped with someone else. Get creative with your curtains in the same way as you do clothing, changing them as often as you like.

They really are your windows clothes, I think.


A white venetian blind on a window with table with jar of flowers in it.
Venetian Blind.

Blinds are a window’s friend. I found this out when I could not get any curtains to fit my kitchen.

The sink is under the window so the window requires a short curtain which I could not find.

Roller Blinds

You can just cut a roller blind to fit. If they are fitted correctly then blinds can be very practical.

Types Of Blinds

Blinds include roman blinds, pleated blinds and strip blinds. Some are blackouts too.

They are good as they can easily be fitted to the right size.

You can look for styles and colors too. I think that they give a more formal look to a room than curtains. Buy from Amazon.


Be careful when it comes to children because of the cord on a blind. There is a danger of strangulation so do not let children play with your blinds.

If a cat wants to sit in a window then the blind needs rolling up out of the way.


Venetian blinds can be difficult to clean. We have some wooden ones. I am not keen on those because of the cleaning.

I think that curtains can give a more feminine look too but you  know which ones you prefer.

Choose with design ideas online as there are many images that you can search for.


Blinds will fill a window and block light out, also giving total privacy. I do not think that they give the room ambiance like curtains do.

Experiment though as it is all about  your personal taste when it comes to window treatments.

Please leave your comments below.


New Carpets and Rugs For The House-Advice On Recarpeting

Choosing Carpets

Whether you are living in your home or preparing one to live in you might be considering one or two

new carpets for some rooms in the property. It can be stressful deciding how you are going to go about choosing new carpets and rugs for the house but much advice is available. There are dozens of carpet specialists at carpet shops or depots. You can get expert advice from them, get free samples and price estimates. They also have expert fitters to come and lay your new carpet for a small fee. You can indeed buy online if you measure your room properly and you know what type of carpet you are looking for. Carpets are usually guaranteed too. If you are unsure then order a small sample.

When first deciding on the new carpeting you are going to get there are things that you will be aware of that you have to do. You need to clear the room of all loose items such as ornaments and breakables and all furniture. Rip out any old carpeting and measure the room as accurately as you can. You may need some friends or family to help with this. Children could maybe go to stay with a relative while the rooms are being done particularly their bedroom. Consider if you have space in other rooms while the new carpet is being fitted to put items. Make sure that you are available to let in the fitter but do not get in the way. I went outside in the garden while my kitchen flooring was being fitted and I let them get on with it, while being available. Also, they need access to your door with the carpet so try to make sure that your doorway is clear and that they have somewhere to park. You may need to book time off work to be at home for this so see if you can get a fitting date before you order. Do not stress and always follow the advice of the carpet specialist.

After choosing the right carpet for you get a price estimate, the carpet is usually measured in square meters. Of course, you may find suitable roll ends that you can take away yourself to fit or to hire another fitter for the job. Pick colors and patterns that will not clash with your walls or furniture. I like to choose a plain carpet for patterned wallpapered walls and only get a patterned carpet to go with plain walls.

Types of Carpet

Carpets come in different types which are typically Loop Pile, Level Loop Berber, Twisted Loop Pile, luxury deep pile Saxony carpet to name a few. Level Loop carpets have large uncut loops and a smooth surface. Buy From Amazon. There are carpets suitable for high traffic use and some just for domestic use. They have different types of backing too such as woven, cheaper felt backing, latex, foam, gel and fusion backing. Think about and observe the style, manufacturer, material, price, color, backing and size of the carpet you want. Buy From Amazon. Also the underlay. It is convenient that you can view and discuss the required carpet for your needs so easily. Buying a new carpet and getting expert fitting is not so much the big headache you think it is. It just requires careful, forward planning. I always fall in love with the rugs too like the Sheepskin rugs or high patterned Persian ones. Buy From Amazon. I also think that when it comes to choosing other flooring such as laminate that it is best to consult your local DIY center. Carpet tiles are available in both the carpet shops and DIY stores. However, one tip I can give you, do not buy carpet tiles for the bathroom as mine just got damp, smelly and ruined and we had to take them up. They were even the Flotex type ones. Even this carpet was still not a good idea in a bathroom. Buy From Amazon. Enjoy your new carpets. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com

Solid Wood Dining Table and 4 Chairs- Dining Set by Panana


Dining table and 4 chairs

Made from solid wood

Delivery includes 4 chairs and a table

Color: Grey but three color choice

Table size: 108cm length, 65cm width, 78cm height

Chair size: 39cm width,45cm depth, 85.5cm height

This dining set is reported to be a fabulous value for money set, well-made and medium size. Considered good value for money. Delivery is excellent and quick, 28 hours was how long it took to be delivered. It took two hours to assemble but some people found that there were parts missing. However, they did receive the missing parts when requested. Sometimes the dining sets came damaged but were replaced. Some people said that they had to repaint them or drill more holes for the chairs. On one occasion the legs were wobbly because the bolts could not be tightened anymore, but this was after 5 months.

This table is ideal for two people and occasionally 4 and it doesn’t take up much space if you have a small room. The chairs were not big enough for adults but fine for children. Although repairs sometimes had to be made to it this dining set is considered not bad for the price. It does need a screwdriver and Allen key to put it together and sometimes a drill to make holes in certain places. It is a beautiful table when assembled though if it arrives in good condition and it is put together correctly. It is overall perfect for small spaces. I think it would be useful for a breakfast set rather than as a full use dining set. Buy from Amazon. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com


Review of DST Simple and Elegant 5 Lights Hanging Crystal Chandelier- Ceiling Light

Crystal Chandelier for Study Room/Office, Dining Room, Bedroom or Living Room

This chandelier is beautiful and elegant and will suit many rooms in the house including a living room or a bedroom. Buy from Amazon. It is made with real crystal with a 60cm hanging chrome chain, D50CM, H55CM. This item is a sale product- price £61.90 reduced from the original price of £109.89. It is considered very good value for money. It has a 69% 5 star rating. This product is stunning and well worth the time to assemble it, however the assembly can be fiddly as the crystal droplets need to be placed on the split rings. Sometimes if people find that parts such as droplets are missing they are quickly replaced by the good service team. A company called XINCHAO is the seller of this product. If someone wants  to purchase matching wall lights they are able to find them from another seller without too much difficulty.

Simple to put together and found to impress others with lots of compliments some people purchased two chandeliers, one for the hall and one for the landing. Admired in dining rooms too. Others bought the lights for their homes. However, they are not recommended for low ceilings below 2.3m as they hang low and you could hit your head on them. They are OK for over a dining table on a higher ceiling. The chain can be removed and the cable adjusted. Also, when being assembled you can choose to add or leave out some detailing.


All in all this is a great value light considered beautiful and elegant and suitable for most rooms, except for the bathroom. It is considered worth the assembly and it looks more expensive than it actually is. People found that if there were any missing parts then they got them as there is a good after sales service. A brilliant product for higher ceilings, it is easy to assemble despite being a bit fiddly, also it’s worth the time and effort to assemble as it looks so stunning in appearance. I would say that this is a typical chandelier which is versatile in the home and you can experiment to see which rooms it looks best in. It is dimmable with the appropriate bulb and a dimmer switch. Real glass crystals are supposed to be better to look at than acrylic ones and this one has them. A great feature in any room. Buy from Amazon.


Indoor Home Lighting Ideas

Choosing Lights for the Home     

There are many new trends in home lighting that you may have noticed. When thinking of a particular room such as your living room then you may want to go ahead and plan to install new lights to complete your new-look. There are many indoor home lighting ideas. Lights come in many designs and styles ranging from modern contemporary, traditional to antique. They also come in many materials such as steel, brass or chrome and can be a polished or satin finish.

You may not know where to start when it comes to finding the right lights for your room. There are lighting experts and a wealth of merchants in the city or online. I first would suggest that you consider the size of the room requiring the lights. If the room is small then you do not want a great big light chandelier with many lights. If a room is large then you may want extra lighting from wall lights or lights with extra bulbs. When you look at lights to purchase then make sure that you look at the description of the lights. The description will tell you the size and type of the lights, the color and what sort of bulbs are required and the maximum wattage. It will describe the materials that the lights are made of and of course the product name of them. You will discover if they are modern or an antique type of light fitting. The sky is the limit when it comes to availability of lights and you need to decide whether you are going to choose budget ones or expensive ones. Remember, always that you might want to get new lights for other rooms. Always check out the reviews too and whether they are suitable for your room and purpose. Make sure that they have a good guarantee too.

Types of Lights

Lights come in many types and sizes. Interior house lights include pendant lights which can be bowl pendants or mini pendants, wall lights, designer lamps,Tiffany lamps, chandeliers and recessed lights. Buy  from Amazon. Lights make a statement for each room and create an atmosphere, they also help us to see safely to carry out tasks such as cooking. They can be beautiful and create unique looks for each room. Aim for high quality lights in the latest trends and styles. They can be hanging pendant or chandelier lights. I personally like chandeliers and I think that they look luxurious, especially crystal ones. The real crystal ones can be expensive but they come in 3 or 5 light chandeliers and really reflect the light. Buy from Amazon. From what I have seen of them they really make an elegant statement in any living room. I think I would like to get one sometime. They come in brass, copper, chrome finishes, or quite often a black finish. Some of them are quite high end. You will find that with lights some are low or high end so think about your budget when purchasing them. I think that it is worth spending quite a bit on them if you are going to have them for a while and the guarantee is good. There are often sales on such things anyway.


After you have purchased your lights you may likely need to go and purchase some bulbs. Buy from Amazon. Look at all suitable types and their wattage. There can be a selective range of bulbs nowadays from halogen, LED to vintage bulbs. They seem to vary so much and some bulbs save energy. The bulb is part of the look of the lights so experiment with the right type of bulb in different styles, e.g candle bulbs, standard bulbs, low energy etc. If the fitting is correct, which you will find out if your lights need a bayonet fitting or a screw fitting, then you can look on descriptions of bulbs and decide which ones are right for you. Some bulbs even come in different colors but there is always a good description on them. I have never tried those vintage light bulbs but I always note the lights when I go into a restaurant pub. I think they are used a lot on wall lights to create an atmosphere rather than to give out a lot of light. You cannot go above the wattage allowance for your lights.


Shades come in different colors and sizes. I would suggest that you buy the light fitting with the shades together as they will most likely match. Sometimes buying a shade separately may not work in terms of it not looking right or being the wrong size. However ,if you want to keep a light fitting for a while then it may be worthwhile changing the shade. Some of the material ones can get dusty so always check for this. View many shades before deciding on the right replacement one and take the old one to compare where possible. Have a look while out and about what types and colors of shades go together. It pays to have a keen eye when looking for ideas though it requires a bit of dedication. Sometimes just selecting a style you like may work, do not think about it too much or you will never make your mind up.


We have looked at ways to change the lights in the home. There are various lights suitable for each room which makes for easier choosing though there are many types and styles out there. The bulbs play an important role in creating the right light too. Lights can be made in different materials and you can use contrasting colors or the same ones for the right effect. They can be used as lamps, chandeliers or hanging pendants in the size and number of bulbs we choose. They can almost be a personality in a room having different style names and we love to be with them. A plain light bulb in a socket will not do these days and we can use lighting not just for purpose but to dress a room effectively. They can be lovely to entertain in a room with. Some are even dimmable for even more lighting effect. Cheap or expensive ones can suit our homes because of the extensive range that we can purchase nowadays. It is no problem to change the lights as long as we get them fitted properly by a qualified electrician. There are ones with shade and no shade out there and all varieties to suit our taste and budget. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com

Changing Doors In Your Home

Changing Doors In Your Home

Here I am going to talk about ideas for changing doors in your home. I will hopefully give you some good advice here.

When you start to renovate or alter your home adding new doors can complete your look.

There are many types of doors. The first thing you need to do is to work out which kind of door is appropriate for each room.

View door merchant websites or visit door distributor firms. These will give you an insight into what you need to look for. Many merchants will help you choose the doors you need.

Types Of New Doors

The first type of doors I will mention is standard interior doors. Buy Here. These may be made or engineered in composite wood. They come as hollow doors which may be veneered or made of solid wood.

They are also found in different types of wood such as white oak or pine. Solid wood doors tend to be more expensive to buy but MDF doors can be purchased as a cheap alternative.

Some doors are  panelled, some flat, slab like.They are available in many styles. An unfinished door can be stained or painted to suit your color scheme. Other types of doors include bi-fold doors, French doors, pocket doors, sliding doors and roller doors.

Some doors are for external use and some for internal use. Check out which types of doors are needed for the inside ones and the external ones.

How Doors Are Hung

Doors can be hung from hinges (passage doors) or sliding brackets. Pivot doors do not need door handles.

You will be able to discuss your requirements when purchasing new doors with the merchant.The important thing is to get the door frames measured accurately. Some people often shear a door to fit the frame. It is important to find doors which will suit the function required.

We looked at some new doors in a sale and none of them would have fitted our door frames so we have not yet purchased any new ones. It is best to get advice and to have them fitted rather than go for DIY.

Bedroom Doors

Look at pictures to give you an idea of what to buy. These can be found in brochures from the merchants. I looked at some as we want new doors for the bedroom.

There were pictures that showed the doors in bedrooms. They were four panel doors. Some were Victorian, which our house is, so I got an idea of what might suit my bedroom.

Some doors come glazed and some unglazed. I think that the unglazed ones would be more suitable for a bedroom. I would not want to be disturbed by light coming through the door at night.

Function of doors

Each different type of door has a function. Most doors add privacy and can keep heat in. They provide some sound proofing in a room.

Doors can lock, open out or in to a room and sliding doors can maximize space. Large door spaces could have French doors which open out into a garden. You will know what you require no doubt when you look at the door frame and existing doors.

If you have an old house, or an awkward door space then I would definitely go to a door distributors. Get the space measured up, choose a door and hire a carpenter to fit it.

Door Handles

Distributors sell the door handles too. Strong handles of your choice can be purchased. Buy Here. They are far better than cheaper, thinner ones. They come in brass, stainless steel or other finishes. Some people may just pick up all the parts such as the doors, handles and hinges in a DIY store.

Thick Veneer Doors

There are some thick veneer doors nowadays which are strong and do not crack. You do not have to go for solid ones.

There are big French doors, or special ones like pocket doors. They come out of the wall each side.  Appropriate but quite expensive.

A panel door which is glazed at the top can look great in a living room.

If you find a place with a lovely sea or countryside view then you could open up your lounge wall to accommodate Roller or French doors. This will open up the room to the outside.

Help Online

I think that there is a lot of help online as regards to types of doors and styles. You may want cheap or expensive, Victorian or modern, solid wood or veneer doors, glazed or unglazed.

The choice is yours and you can buy them online and get them delivered to fit yourself.

It is possible to restore an old door and you can get advice on that. I think that whatever you decide a new door can go a long way to altering the look of a room.

Take a photo of the present door and then the new one. Notice doors you like in pictures and in other people’s homes before you decide. Always look for ideas before buying doors. Get the doors you love.


I have talked about doors as it is one way to get a new look for a room.

You may not think about doors every day. When you do start looking for them you will see the options and different types and styles available. Doors are certainly fashionable and practical. Buy Here. 

A sliding door can be fitted where there is not much space for an ordinary door to open out.

A French door can provide open access to a lovely garden or sea view. I think these doors are a great addition to a lounge. However it is your personal taste that will decide what type of doors you choose.

All doors need to be measured and fitted correctly in the door frame. An unglazed door will add privacy and they can keep heat inside. MDF and veneered doors will look good and are inexpensive. Some unfinished doors can be painted or stained.

Changing the doors will certainly give your home a new look. You can easily alter the look of a room by hanging new doors. Appropriate and functional doors can be a great idea for your home and you may love them whether modern or traditional interior doors.


Please add any comments below.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Bathroom

Deciding to Remodel your Bathroom

When you first move house, or even if you have lived in your home for a few years, you may be happy with the bathroom or you may want to change it for a new-look. The first thing to consider is the layout of your bathroom and the space you have. Small bathrooms can still offer scope for modern planning in bathroom ideas. There are many types of bathroom looks from modern to country and vintage. It all depends on your personal taste. When deciding on home improvement ideas for the bathroom you will need to get inspiration and expert advice. Think about a color scheme if you are going to decorate and consider what type of flooring  you want.  Be practical and complete your look. Buy from Amazon.

A few years ago my husband and I decided to have a new bathroom installed. We did not know where to begin but we started to look around at a few DIY stores that fit bathrooms. We got brochures and searched out types of bathrooms and prices. I could not believe how many types of baths, sinks and toilets there were. We not only looked at pictures of baths but baths in store too. We ended up purchasing the bathtub, the sink and the toilet and then we got a plumber to fit it all. I would recommend getting expert advice and purchasing according to that to get the right measurements and look. We found out that we had made a mistake about the bath. We had a shower fitted over the bath and a shower screen. Buy from Amazon. We found that water leaked onto the floor as there is a shelf built into the back of the bath(it’s style). Be careful and ask questions to make sure that you get the right bathroom for you. Look for a good guarantee too of about ten years on the bathroom and about five years on the installation.

You can look at pictures of bathrooms from many sources online and brochures from bathroom stockists. There are many styles to choose from and the accessories you choose will compliment that style. I recently looked at some pictures of country bathrooms, they look very nice for a cottage to get that cosy but rustic feel. A bathroom is not just functional but it is a place to relax and let go, maybe to unwind after a long, busy day. It is not just a place to have a quick shower and go. Buy from Amazon. Think carefully about the tiles and flooring, you may want a neutral tiled floor or something more colorful. Decide on a blind, shutters or curtains, again follow pictures or make up your own ideas.

After you have decided on a new bathroom you may want to decorate so seek out paint that is suitable for bathrooms. There are many brands and types of paint. I recommend taking your time in choosing the paint as your ideas may change as you choose other things such as tiles and flooring. We tended to rush into doing the bathroom and I think we got the wrong color walls. I would certainly look at some pictures for inspiration next time. I think light colors and tiles are best to bring light into the bathroom. The floor could be done with floor tiles or cork tiles or just plain waterproof type flooring.


There are many modern bathroom accessories available to choose from. Buy from Amazon. The thing you want to do is to personalize your look and to create a particular feel. It depends on if you prefer a modern, vintage, industrial or country look. You can find pictures of different looks from bathroom merchants. I liked a period look that I saw a picture of, a bathroom with a chandelier. We have spotlights though. It depends on the size of your bathroom too. It is nice to choose new lights as they create an atmosphere in your bathroom. You may prefer to use candles but then you need to make sure that you put them in a safe place. Accessories such as towels and bath mats can be color coordinated. I think that towels in two different contrasting colors is nice. Modern accessories can make the room look fresh and pretty if you want that. More functional things like toilet roll holders can compliment a look if they are made of wood or stainless steel.

Bathroom Furniture

I now want to talk about bathroom furniture. Firstly, of course you need to free your bathroom of clutter and have some storage space to place all your cosmetics. You can easily find designer bathroom furniture or just create your own style. We have some white cupboards in our bathroom. Adding a mirror over the sink looks good and is practical. Just think about where everything will go particularly your towels. A heated towel rail can be put in by a plumber to warm your towels in winter. Look for ways to update the bathroom by changing accessories. I find that changing the mat inside the bath and the shower curtain makes for a different look. Changing the flooring and the blind can too so experiment with it.


We have seen that there are many ways to change a bathroom but that having a new bathroom suite fitted requires planning. It does not have to be daunting nowadays as there are lots of advice available and expert fitting. There is also a lot of choice in style and design. New baths and showers are coming out all the time and there are many sources of inspiration. Decorating the bathroom and choosing the right flooring can give a new feel to the bathroom. Accessories can make the look such as color coordinated towels, mirrors and bathroom furniture. We can change these as we please quite easily as there is a vast range of items available now. Whether you just want to change accessories or go for a whole new bathroom suite you can personalize it all to your taste and get a cleaner, more luxury bathroom decor. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com