Review of Double Wall Glass Electric Kettle by JKsmart.


Double Wall Glass Electric Kettle

Precise Variable Temperature Control and Keep Warm Function

1.7L Capacity


Fast Boiling Auto Shutoff

Boil Dry Protection

Keep Warm Function


Energy Class A+

3.9 out of 5 stars

72% 5 stars

Blue LED illumination.

UK Pinned, Molded Plug.


2 Year Warranty.

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Functional and Good Looking Kettle

This innovative and stylish kettle is considered a beautiful design and is very useful for making drinks that require different temperatures particularly tea and coffee. The recommended temperature for making coffee is 88C to 92C. This kettle has a digital panel on the handle for setting the temperature of the water and the temperature can be increased or decreased by 10C. A lovely kettle with a blue LED light that illuminates the kettle while the water is being heated. The kettle has see through glass so the water can be seen boiling. Someone said that the novelty of watching it never wore off and it gleamed a bright blue making it a wonderful view. It’s nice to watch the water through the glass. It also boasts a double wall with the outer wall made of a plastic layer for a safe touch and anti-collision, also the spout is stainless steel which makes it safer. This protects from harmful burns. One person said that this was better than one with a glass spout, which they had as that one broke making it very dangerous.

Most people love this kettle as it boils quickly and it is not very noisy. It is considered heavier than other kettles at 1.3kg when empty but someone said that it was only the weight of a steel kettle that they had owned. It is very easy to use by using the digital temperature panel on the handle. You set the temperature and then the Keep Warm Function. This allows for the water to be kept warm for up to six hours so that you can get your drink at the desired temperature as you need to.

There is a Boil Dry Protection which means that the kettle will automatically shut off when there is no water. This safety feature kettle with its double wall and outer plastic layer protects from harmful burns. The inner FDA Approved Borosilicate Glass ensures BPA FREE drinking although I am not sure what that means. It will apparently protect the family’s health, preserve natural flavors and prevent taste contamination.

The 2200w power is sufficient for fast boiling in 5-6 minutes and is considered 85% more efficient than a stove top kettle. The blue LED function illuminates the kettle so that you know it is heating the water up. It is soon ready for oatmeal, pasta and any hot drinks without having to wait too long. You can precisely adjust the temperature from 40C to 90C for the perfect drink or use in cooking. It will automatically switch off once the desired temperature is reached. The Keep Warm Function will keep the water hot for up to six hours. It was noted that the water would stay warm for a long time even if this function was not used. The maximum safety automatic shut off mechanism will work within 30 seconds after the water is fully boiled.

If there are any issues with your new kettle then the company say that they will replace it or refund the money. There is a two-year warranty although someone said that the booklet stated that it was a one-year warranty. Someone had a problem with the lid and was able to send it back. The problem was that steam was getting into the digital panel on the lid causing the kettle to break down. This problem with the lid was the exception rather than the norm with most people being very happy with their kettles. Someone stated that it was well worth the price and an excellent product of design, quality and usability. Although one person said it looked cheap most people said it was stylish. Another said that it was a very modern kettle with fantastic features and that they would recommend it. It seemed to be what they were looking for in a variable temperature kettle. They loved the way that you can change the temperature of the water for different things. You Can Buy Here.


This is a kettle with very modern features and I think some thought has gone into it with safety. It seems easy to use with the ability to adjust the temperature needed for the desired use. It has a large capacity so that it will provide a few drinks. I like the see through glass and the blue LED light gives it a fun feature and you know that it is heating up even below boiling point. The Keep Warm Function is good because then all the coffees or teas can be put out without some not being warm enough by the time it is poured. You could just walk off to attend to cooking or whatever and come back and pour a satisfying drink. You can use it in the bedroom or living room too as I think it is stylish enough and you do not have to move far to make a drink, only to the sink of course to fill it up. It can save time by keeping it warm to make another drink.

This is thought a quality kettle and some people say that it was well packed when it arrived from shipping. It also comes with free delivery and it is considered well worth the price. I think that this is a good kettle to own if you don’t mind it being slightly heavier than some other kettles. Variable temperature kettles are a new and useful innovation and this one comes with style and safety. I also think that if there are any problems such as with the lid then it can and will be replaced with no problem to the customer. It is under a 2 year warranty and most of the reviews do not mention a problem with the lid or any problem with this kettle. If you want to add any comments about the kettle or you have used one like it then please feel free to comment below.

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