Morphy Richards Accents Pan Set A Review

Morphy Richards Accents Pan Set A Review

Here I am going to talk about a pan set. Take a look below at my review and see what you think of it.

 Pan SetDescription

Morphy Richards Accent Pan Set, Stainless Steel.

Color: Black

5 piece

Price: £79.99 free delivery

sizes: 16/18/20cm saucepans, 14cm milk pan, 24cm fry pan with 8mm encapsulated bases.

Tempered glass lids.

10 year guarantee

Suitable for all hobs including induction.

48% 5 star rating.

It comes well wrapped in bubble wrap and in a box.

Review of Product

One feature of this pan set is that it comes well packaged. Buy from Amazon.

This pan set looks good in any kitchen and some people think that it looks too good to hide away.


It comes with a fry pan of decent size. The set includes saucepans. Each pan set is complete with a milk  pan and frying pan.

They are described as a Non-stick range so they are better to use and clean.

Some people say that the frying pan is non-stick. Other people describe them as not being non-stick and ‘satin coated.’ The description with the pans states that they are all non-stick though.


Unfortunately the fry pan does not have a lid. A lot of frying pans do not have lids but the larger  pan in the range does have one.

Cleaning Pans

It is important to clean these pans before use and to dry them thoroughly. Apply a little cooking oil to each pan then wipe it off. This will condition the inner coating of the pans.


Some people are wary of the pans as they think they can be easily damaged. The outside coating is said to come off some of them. However this refers to the red coating, sometimes the cream one. The instructions state that they should not be washed in a dishwasher. This should probably be adhered to.

I think it is important to read the instruction paper for the pans anyway.

Filling The Saucepans

One requirement is that you can only fill a saucepan half full with water. I have these pans and a saucepan started to spit water but I did overfill it a bit.

There is some opinion that the water comes from the handle joints on the pan. Other views are that the pans work great.


You can give these pans a try as they are considered good value for money. They do not perform as well as more expensive pans but they do have a long guarantee. You may also replace them if there is a problem.

These pans are strong and light and can be hung up from hooks in the kitchen.

Stainless Steel Pan Sets

There are minor complaints of water marks. These formed in the stainless steel ones and caused some pans to be discolored. However they are hardy pans and I have had no problem with that.


They are easy to clean. Please do not place them in a dishwasher or wash them with anything abrasive. This seems obvious.  Do not let them boil dry.

Reviews Of Pan Set

Someone said that these were only their second set of pans in 30 years. Other people say that they are good quality, easy to clean and look good. They come in beautiful colors that match their kitchens.

Some people said that the handles leak after a while as they are not sealed. Others have not know that. It is thought that the pans have long handles too.

They are considered hot when cooking. They are stainless steel and the instructions warn of this. You can always use a tea towel to hold them. Some people got a rubber cover for them, though I am not sure what that is. The lids are vented to lessen steam in the kitchen.

Pan Set Range

There are other items in the range available which look amazing together in the kitchen.

These well-built pans are a fair price. They have a good size frying pan in the set and they wash and function well.

They will wash well without smearing and function well for a time. I think it depends on how you treat them. If there is a problem with them they are quickly replaced.

It is better than spending lots of money on a pan set. I have not had mine long but I think that I will get my money’s worth.

When you have the lids on they will save energy. You should keep the heat down too when using them. My potatoes boil quite well. I do not think maximum heat is great for any pan.

They are light and heat up well. Be careful using them on induction hobs though.  Someone said a pan ignited, however they had got oil in it.

These pans distribute the heat evenly along the bottom of them and heat up quickly. It is not necessary to keep them on a high heat. The frying pan has high sides to prevent splashing which is a good thing.

We need to use discretion whatever pans we use.


I think that there are good and bad reviews for these pans. They seem almost 50:50 on them.

They do seem to be a fair price for all those pans. It is better than spending a lot of money per pan.

I think they are definitely worth a try. They look good in the kitchen and are easy to clean.

The fry pans do have a non-stick coating.  If the instructions are followed correctly and they are kept out of the dishwasher, they should look and function fine.

There is a very long guarantee anyway of ten years on this product.


Morphy Richards does have a good reputation on other products too, such as toasters.

I would recommend the black pans. I have those. The red coating is said to come off and the cream gets discolored.

They should perform well. If they do not then go for expensive pans later.

We should just be aware that they heat up quickly and evenly. We should not have them on high heat. They will simmer. They can save energy too.


Do not let children use these pans because of hot handles. These handles are a feature of this kind of pan.

We should use a cloth to hold them just as we do with a baking tray. I have not found the handles to get really hot. Be careful anyway.

Many people do like these pans though.

Be sure to fill in the details for the guarantee to get it for a long time.

You have nothing to lose when trying these pans. Morphy Richards will answer any questions you have concerning them. There are some lengthy reviews here which I have focused on. I have covered a lot of the details about these pans.

I hope you have enjoyed this review.

If you have any questions about the Morphy Richards Pan Set or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

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