Review of Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress.

A new Silentnight Mattress

I want to bring you this review of a Pocket Spring Silentnight Mattress because I am personally a big fan of these mattresses. I own one myself which we have recently purchased and I have found it to be a very comfortable mattress. The mattress I am reviewing here comes in sizes as follows: Single (90x190cm)

Double (135x190cm)

King (150x200cm)

This is an easy care, no turn mattress which is hyper allergenic and dust mite resistant for better health and it is made in the UK. It is medium firm and has a 65% 5 star rating or 4.4 out of 5 stars. It comes from a renowned brand and has full Silentnight warranty. It is considered long-lasting and customers found it good value for money. Buy from Amazon. The dispatch time is described as being between 1-2 weeks however some customers said that it arrived in a couple of days. Described as a good quality bed by quite a few people in reviews it is considered worth the price and very comfortable. Only a small percentage were unhappy with it and one person said that the springs were sticking through after six months.

This bed came highly recommended by many and it was bought for all ages ranging from a toddler to the elderly. Someone could not get a child out of bed as it was so comfy. It was used for spare rooms and guests had no complaints. Someone said it was so comfy that they wished that they could give it 6 stars. Others thought that it was too firm but people with back pain said that their pain was eased after sleeping on it for a few weeks. One person said it was the best mattress you can get and another said it was a deep, semi-firm mattress that was slept on for 3 years and they could not find fault with it.

Delivery of the Mattress

Reviews range from poor delivery but good quality to excellent product, supplied promptly and without damage. It came wrapped in plastic. A woman living alone stated that the delivery people put it on her bed for her. Someone else had it taken to their flat on the third floor. Someone thought it was a great way to buy a mattress on Amazon. Someone else said that it was a well-made, substantial mattress for frequent use and packaged in heavy plastic on arrival. My mattress was also encased in plastic and it had the weight on the packaging, it also stated that it needed to be lifted with care and some help. These mattresses are great but can be quite heavy, mine is 27kg which I remember was boldly stated on the wrapping. However, it is a king-size one and obviously it was going to be heavy. The delivery service is very good and they will help with the mattress with moving it upstairs if needed. Someone said that the delivery service and ordering was really good and easy for a novice like them. Another person said it was prompt delivery and appropriately packaged. It was well described, reasonably priced and packaged, so as not to incur damage.


Customers bought a mattress for their child and found that their children liked them so much that they bought them for their own rooms. Someone stated that their son was sleeping well without medication. Children of all ages were finding it comfortable and were sleeping better. However, there was disappointment that the mattress has no handles and that it is a no turn mattress but otherwise it was fine. The single mattresses fitted the bases well.


This mattress has many reviews so I cannot cover everything here but I think I have covered most things. Generally it is considered to be a very good mattress. Buy from Amazon. A customer said that it is an excellent all-rounder from a renowned brand and it cannot be beaten on price. Most people found it to be good value for money though it seemed quite firm but the topping provided a soft, surface layer. I find this to be true. A good quality mattress which is recommended and quite often a pleasant surprise that it is so comfortable and cheaper than other quality mattresses. Someone tried some out in a store but found this mattress to be just as good, if not better, than similar ones. An absolute bargain which seemed to relieve back ache in opinions. Sometimes people bought multiple mattresses for their home and even had them in their spare rooms which pleased their guests. The guests gave compliments on the mattresses. It was a firm mattress, really comfortable with no dips or hollows. It is described as “no roll together” to bring the comfort to two sleepers on the bed which I think seems to work well. People say that it has the perfect support for their spine.

It seems that people were happy with their mattresses and wished that they had tried a Silentnight years ago. However, a few were not happy and thought that their mattress dipped after a short time. Someone said that there could be reservations when buying a bed and confusion, not knowing what you are paying for but after having the mattress recommended by a friend and trying it for two months they thought it was great. Most people thought it was better than expected for the price. “You do not need to spend a fortune to get a good sleep” was another comment. They would definitely buy again. The occasional person thought that it could be more comfortable if the foam layer above the springs was thicker and although there was the odd complaint about a dip most people were very happy with their mattresses. If you want to leave any comments below you can and give your opinion feel free to do so.

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