VonShef 1.7L Variable Temperature Kettle


VonSheff 1.7L Variable Temperature Kettle-

Control Panel Base Electric Kettle with Window Gauge, Level Markings

4 Temperature Settings- 70, 80, 90 and 100C

3000w Power

1.7L capacity provides up to 6 cups of perfectly heated water.

Removable , easy-clean limescale filter ensures fresher tasting water.

360 degrees swivel base.

4.4 out of 5 Stars

5 Star 66%

£39.99 Free Delivery.

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The VonShef kettle has the benefit of setting the temperature of the water according to the purpose you need it for. This can be useful when making coffee which needs a lower temperature than boiling point to prevent burning the coffee and spoiling the taste. It is helpful in making herbal teas and when using a hot water bottle, when lower temperatures are needed. These can easily be set by the button controls and the kettle will light up a certain color depending on the temperature that you set. It will also beep to let you know that you have set your temperature. This can be helpful to hard of hearing and visually impaired alike. The default temperature is set at 100C. You can now use the recommended temperature for various types of tea and other hot drinks. It is considered well-built and less cost than other similar kettles on the market. With a fast dispatch and delivery it was reported to arrive well in estimated dates. A well priced 3000w kettle with a 2-year manufacturers guarantee.

Considered aesthetically pleasing and outstanding quality, easy to use and keeps the water hot, also easy to clean and fill with water. It has a removable filter for ease of cleaning. However, it was noted that replacement filters were not available. It may need the filters replacing but there were no complaints about this. VonSheff said to be a lesser known brand was thought to be a good one with many people happy with the design. It was compared to Bosch having all the features of a Bosch but less expensive.

Features of the Kettle

This stainless steel kettle is metal inside with a clear plastic level window. It can get hot on the outside due to it not being insulated but is typical of a metal type kettle. It is a nice looking kettle though with a concealed element and fun lights to tell you the set temperature. Someone said that the silver metal part gives the kettle an air of quality. The lid seems well constructed and opens right back by pressing a button at the top. Another person said that it can be hard to fill if there is anything in the kitchen sink and that it needs to be directly under the kitchen tap. Someone else said that it has a very wide lid, great for pouring one mugful. It also has a comfortable handle and it is very light to pick up. The power button has to be set first then the temperature unlike the manual states. Steam will escape when it is boiled at 100C but not when it is boiled at 90C. It also has boil dry protection. It was said to boil water, pours well and does not leak. Some people said that it was noisy when boiling at 100C but others said that it was not noisier than other kettles they have had, while others said that it was quiet. I think it depends on what kind of kettle you are used to. One person said that they have had this kettle for 3 months and that it is the best kettle they’ve had and a truly good value kettle. It saves time, energy and money. This is because you are not always boiling the kettle at 100C and waiting for it to cool down to make certain drinks like coffee. The temperature controls ensure that whatever you make you have the perfect cuppa.

This kettle is thought to be the right size, not too big and the surface is easily wipe proof although one person thought that they had to rub it a lot to get it clean. People thought that it improved the taste of various teas, particularly green teas.


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This great value for money kettle available in a smart, contemporary design brushed stainless steel has a pleasant, cylindrical design. It is easy to use and quick to boil. It is great for making herbal teas and coffee that requires lower temperatures than boiling point. It comes with speedy delivery from VonShef and some people wanted other products from VonShef too as a result of being pleased with the kettle. An innovative design, it was compared to Bosch having similar features but seemed less expensive. It’s drawbacks were that it could be slow to switch off at 100C and it’s body got hot with it being stainless steel. It could be noisy but not more so than other kettles. It came well packed in a cardboard box within another, sturdier cardboard box and it was delivered quickly. It improved the taste of herbal teas and was considered well worth the money to control the temperature of the hot water needed for these teas and also coffee. There was no strange taste when drinking the tea. It seems a good option for its purpose and preferable to other kettles that leaked or developed faults in less than a year despite being more expensive. I think that this kettle is fit for purpose and more interesting than an ordinary kettle. It has a two-year warranty so is definitely worth a try. It is a kettle for use by a responsible adult who knows what they are doing with the different temperatures. Improving the taste of special teas and coffees and experimenting with this seems to be it’s best feature. Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com If you want to review or comment on this product feel free to leave your thoughts below. You can read the full reviews on Amazon.

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