What To Look For When Buying A Bed

         How to Buy A Good Bed

Are you ready to change your bed or a few beds in your home? This can be a daunting task. You will want to purchase a bed that is comfortable as you want to sleep on it for a few years to come. Today I want to explore and bring together what to look for when buying a bed. I have recently purchased one myself. A few things we focused on were the size of the bed (we have always had a king size) and the brand that we were happy with before. We also chose a pillow top as we had owned one before and found it comfortable. However, some manufacturers, including this one change their product quite often and the beds are often altered and named differently than before. I do not recommend going for a similar bed you owned without checking it out first, ours has a firmer mattress than we were expecting.

Getting on to other things about beds I will firstly talk about the different descriptions and specifications of beds. I recommend that you read them carefully as your final choice of bed has to be exactly what you need. Beds come in various sizes ranging from small for children to very large for big adults.

These sizes are: 2’6, a very small single bed.

3’0, a single bed.

4’0, a small double bed.

4’6, a double bed.

5’0, a king-size bed.

5’2, EU king-size bed.

6’0, super king-size bed.

As well as bed sizes you have to think about a base. They come in lots of different types such as a metal bed frame, a pine bed with a slatted base, a divan bed and a bunk bed. There are also brand names to think about and you may know some more popular one’s which are Myers, Silentnight, Sealy, Serta and Tempurpedic. You may be interested in a bed that you like the look of such as an upholstered bed. I think the most important thing, after size, when choosing a bed is the mattress, it just has to be the right one especially if you have a bad back.

Types of Bed

There are many types of bed to consider including adjustable one’s. Adjustable one’s can be operated by controls using electricity and these will raise the head or the foot of the bed to give maximum comfort. If you have a bad back or are sick you may want to relieve pressure on your neck and shoulders. Think carefully about if one of these would be right for you. You may want to discuss it with a bed specialist first and ask your doctor if this will help you. Think also about the height of the bed, you will not want one too low down if you have difficulty getting up. Some adjustable beds can raise up and down too. The hospital one’s tend to have memory foam mattresses on them for comfort. Always seek a specialist if you want to purchase a special bed or mattress to see if it is right for you.


There are so many types of mattress to choose from and that is not by accident. Each one is designed for individual preferences. Mattresses can be firm, orthopedic, medium firm, open coil, pocket sprung or memory foam and pillow top. Always read the specifications on these and do not rely on a firm bed or an orthopedic one to be right for your back problem. Research suggests that a medium firm mattress is better for a bad back and just because a firm one is described as being suitable doesn’t mean it is. The medical profession has not verified the bed manufacturer’s labels. A pillow top bed may seem comfortable to a heavier person to cushion against the springs. Some beds have a comfort guarantee which means that you can try out the bed for a short time and decide if it suits you. Look for a bed with a good warranty too which is ten years in a most cases. When,you look in the bed’s description check out the reviews to see what the positive one’s are about the bed. Also checks the return’s policy for shipping in case it does have to be returned and you have to pay for it. You really need to consider getting the best mattress that you can afford, after all you have to sleep on it. Do not forget to use a mattress protector over your new mattress as this will protect against stains which invalidates the warranty.

A Third Of Your Life Is Spent In Bed

As this title states and the saying goes around a third of your life is spent in bed. It means a long time obviously. This means that you might want to make a fashion statement with your new bed. Beds can be bought as part of collections nowadays and they come with matching drawers or bedside tables. You can get bases that are upholstered for real luxury and elegance and beds in colors such as Navy or Grey to go with your room decor. There are also leather beds, sleigh beds and one’s in antique style wooden frames like traditional oak, which will not go out of style. Have a good look at styles that you prefer but remember that comfort comes first. You can choose your headboard on a divan and the frame one’s may have a headboard      and a footboard.            We used to have an upholstered headboard on a divan which used to gather dust. It was not good for my bad chest so we ended up switching to a metal headboard which is stylish, easy to clean and does not gather half the dust. Bear this in mind when choosing one. Sometimes beds come anti-allergenic and environmentally friendly.

Decide where in the bedroom your new bed will go and measure your space making room for any drawers or bedside tables you want next to it. Storage beds with drawers come in handy for storing bed linen, pillows and throws etc. You can also get ottoman beds that lift up giving even more space. My sister had one of these years ago and it was heavy to lift up but I think now that they are hydraulic so check on this too. Some beds have legs including mid support one’s too. Another thing you might want to note is how you are going to clean the bed. The one’s with wooden or metal frames will only need wiping with a damp cloth which is hygienic.


Beds will add style and character to your room as well as being very comfortable to sleep in. Nowadays we can purchase a bed to suit everyone from a small child to a big adult. Some children’s beds can be fun cabin beds or mid sleepers. Beds can be elegant such as the chenille or velvet upholstered one’s. I liked those when I saw them. I forgot to mention four-poster beds but I think we mainly think of them as being for posh historic hotels or stately homes. I think you would need to experience a few nights first on one of those.    

Be prepared before buying a bed. Do not just jump in as it really has to be right for your comfort. If you have been used to a medium firm mattress then you might not feel comfortable on a firm one. A bed needs layers of padding and cushioning if it is a sprung base so opt for a good quality bed. Check the description and specifications carefully and remember the dimensions, delivery information, warranty and return’s information has to suit you or you may face problems. Always check that it is flame retardant, this is important and it should be. The bed frame may need assembly so look for that and consider if you can do it. I think as long as you checks the details and are happy with those and the price then you will purchase a good bed to add some sparkle and comfort to your bedroom. Sweet dreams, Julie@goyourhomeimprovementsi.com

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